Monday, 26 November 2012

Magpie Monday - Crafty Shopper

It's been a crazy busy, but hugely fun weekend.

I agreed to help a friend out manning her stall at two craft fairs over the weekend.  One was a 'Vintage and Craft Fair' which had lots of vintage goodies, the other a school Christmas fair which had a great many bric-a-brac stalls - fatal, fatal, fatal!!

I should have just kept my feet rooted firmly to the ground and not let my roving eye fall on pretty toot that I didn't need, but... you know...

Ever the astute businesswoman (although I did sell some handmade items I'd taken along) on both days I managed to spend more than I'd made - which thrilled the Old Man greatly, as you can imagine.

On the Saturday, the fair was dead, with hardly a soul wondering around.  The stall holders were fighting for custom, but I don't think any of us did very well.

I popped over to a lady's stall as she was packing up and admired her beautiful, circular bevelled mirror priced at £10.  She offered it to me for £8, and then said "Oh sod it, I don't want to take it home, you can have it for a fiver".  Result!

I can't show you a picture because it's still stashed in the car with all the stock, but it's a beauty.  I need to add to my collection so I can make a feature display of them all a la Pinterest.

On the second day, I wondered around and found a lady selling off all manner of vintage loveliness.  She was practically giving the stuff away, so I got a stunning old ceramic jelly mould (still trying to replace those that got broken in the house move)

A blackbird pie funnel to add to my collection (I just need another 20 to make 4 and 20 blackbirds...)

And the best bit was this stunning silver plated art nouveau bowl.  It belongs to my friend who had it on our stall and I asked to buy it from her.  Unfortunately I think I put her on the spot because she couldn't think of a price!

Also, as someone pointed out, it lent an 'element of style to the stall' - huh!  What about us glamorous sales people then?  Not stylish enough??

So, I have it on a sort of a loan scheme.  I'm allowed to display it at home, but she'll have it back for displaying items on her stall when she has another fair.  Win-win!

Have you found any second-hand loveliness lately?

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  1. I love the blackbird funnel...So cute x

  2. That silver dish is so different and unusual. Not something you see everyday. And I love the bird. I need one.

  3. I've just started collecting blackbirds too, so addictive! I love that silver bowl it's stunning x

    1. Oh have you Liz? I love finding them, such a great design. x

  4. I love ALL the things you pictured, especially the jelly mould and the silver bowl

  5. Lovely finds, especially the pie funnel. The Art Nouveau dish is beautiful.

  6. Ooh love the mirror, I so want to do a collection somewhere too. Although mine from Karen is spiffing!!

  7. Love that jelly mould. I was on a bric a brac stall recently and there was nothing good. Never seen so much rubbish in my life and yet it was flying off the table as fast as we could put it out. There's no accounting for taste!

  8. So pleased to hear you had a nice time this weekend and came home with such lovely things. That 'sort of loan scheme' sounds like a win-win to me!

  9. Love the pie funnel, one of these is on my list of things to find and covet xx

  10. My mom had one of those blackbirds passed down from my great grandmother. Unfortunatly it fell off a self quite mysteriously one day. There was no one in the room, no widows open, and nothing else came off of the self.

  11. Damn, wish I hadn't got stuck in 45 mins of traffic on Sat afternoon now, seems I missed out on some lovely bargains. I am having to live my magpie urges out vicariously through your linky this week as I have nothing to share :(