Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Asda's Spooky Scribes Challenge

For Halloween this year, Asda have challenged some blogger's children  to come up with their spookiest stories, based on one of their Halloween costumes.

Personally I'm not sure this is such a great idea - Ruby is certainly showing more creativity and a better grasp of prose than her blogger mummy, and I think I need to watch my back...

Based on the Rainbow Witch costume that she chose, Ruby worked really hard coming up with her spooky story, and as she's only 4, I wrote it down for her...

Once upon a time there was a witch.  A very mean witch.  She was so mean that she wanted to steal all the colours.

So she went off on her colourful broomstick, and flew high up into the sky with her cat.

She opened up her bag, which had a whirlwind inside, and sucked up the rainbow from the sky.

Then she quickly snapped shut her bag and went home to her haunted house.

When she got home, she saw her blue door wasn't blue any more.  It was grey.  Her grass wasn't green any more.  It was grey.  In fact, everything way grey because she had stolen all the colours.

All the town's people were sad because it was grey, so they sent the good witch to go and rescue the rainbow.  She quietly sneaked up to the haunted house, found the mean witch's bag and ran outside to release the rainbow.

All it's colours shone on the town, but the bad witch was left in her grey world with her grey cat forever and ever.

The end.

Happy Halloween everyone. x

Disclosure: We were sent a costume and creative package for the purpose of this challenge.


  1. ooh! what a spooky story what a mean old witch for trying to steal the colour!!x

  2. Wow, what a fabulous story, go R!!!

  3. What a spooktacular story, were you her muse for the witchy poses? ;)

  4. Great story and love the pics of Ruby! Scary girl, lol! (and very cute too!) :O)

  5. I found it captivating. What an imagination she has and such a wonderful idea! Lovely photos make it even more special. Well done to Ruby, and the photographer, of course! Is there a prize for the best one? If so, this should, surely, win it!

  6. This really is a fantastic story. I will read it to my little one as his bedtime story tonight!

  7. Ruby, you are a complete genius. Please write more stories.