Wednesday 2 July 2014

Love your garden with Worx

We've recently been sent a new garden tool to try out.  Well, actually, the Worx  TriVac is three tools in one - it's a blower, a vacuum and a mulcher, and has therefore come in very handy for us.

Most people probably only need to rake up leaves and suchlike from their gardens in the autumn. Not us!  We have a huge tree in our back garden - I still haven't worked out exactly what type it is, but it's some form of willow which means that from spring right through to early summer it's shedding fluffy catkins all over our grass.  Some areas under the tree are really suffering from lack of light, and from being constantly covered in debris.  We also have two curly whirly willows which the pigeons in particular love to take twigs from for their nests.  They often drop more than they manage to take, so another area of our lawn is contently showered with twigs.

Now, I have to admit that before owning one, I always thought that a leaf blower was a bit of a tool for lazy people.  However, after using it over a few weekends, I can really see the benefit.  Our lawn has suffered terribly from over raking - harshly dragging the fork tines over the grass has left terrible bare patches.  I can see that using the blower or the vacuum will also be a much gentler way to clear up in the spring, when we have tender young daffodil bulbs beginning to appear.

The mulcher is also a very useful function.  We don't have a compost bin, but for those that do this really breaks down bulky garden waste and leaves so they will compost much faster in your bin.  We have a fortnightly garden waste collection with our refuse, and very often our green bags are overflowing with lawn cuttings, weeds and leaves meaning an extra trip to the tip.  However, the mulcher chops up the waste into much much smaller pieces meaning we can more effectively fill our garden waste bags and get much more in.

"Combining three tools into one very handy piece of equipment, the revolutionary Worx TriVac is a gardening essential. Theblower has a 210 mph powerful jet and 7 speed settings, while the Mulcher will reduce your garden waste 10:1. Additionally, the TriVac can switch to its Vacuumsetting and suck your leaves up in seconds."

The electric cable was generously long and the hose nozzle is helpfully shaped and angled so you can get behind sheds and under patio furniture.  However, my Other Half did say after a while it made his back ache - maybe a longer nozzle for taller people would be a good idea?

The large collection bag gathered up everything safely and securely, and the capacity was great meaning fewer stops to empty it.

We did find the tool a little noisy, although no louder than our lawnmower I guess.

Next job will be to tackle our front hedge and see how it deals with those clippings.

The Worx WG501E 3000W Trivac Blower is currently available in Homebase, reduced to £79.99

Disclosure: We were sent the tool from Worx for the purposes of this review. All opinions are my own.


  1. Oooh, I really like that idea. We have so many trees in our garden, and come autumn it's a blinking nightmare! :D

  2. What a fantastic product! I have no need for one which is slightly gutting. I would only use it for ghostbuster impressions if I did have one ;) x

  3. Oh my life. My husband would have serious tool envy over this! Leaves drive him mad at certain times of the year in our garden and there's never enough space in our three compost bins or green bin from the council for all the garden waste we generate.

  4. Lov the idea of it mulching it all down and saving space in the green bags!

  5. I'm totally going to start tackling the garden. I've just come here from googling chainsaws as Actually Daddy is desperate to tackle some of the thicker branches overhanging from our neighbour's gardens. And his lawn is patchy just like yours after a winter of being covered in debris. I'm thinking an air gun for the pigeons might be a good option too though ;)

  6. I love anything that makes life easier! My garden needs this as we are surrounded by protected trees that all drop their litter in my garden!

  7. that looks sexy! i need one of them in my life :) lol

  8. I neeeed one of these in my life! Can you please send the Diet Coke man over with one. Ta x

  9. Holy moly I need one of these!!! What a genius gadget.

    That is Mr B's Christmas present sorted.

  10. We don't have any trees in our garden but I know my dad would be in his element with one of these bad boys.