Monday, 21 July 2014

How to Make: Homemade Cassis

Easy homemade Cassis Recipe

If there's one over-riding theme I've picked up from the Christmas in July grocery events I've been to lately it's that Cassis is going to be HUGE this yuletide.  Warming and fruitifying everything from cocktails to mince pies, from sausages to stuffing you can get ahead of the game by making your own Cassis right now.

This is the time that blackcurrants are ripening and you'll find punnets in the shops if you're not lucky enough to have your own bush in the garden like we do.  It seems to be a bumper year this year.

I've only made a small batch since I'm the only boozer in this house, it would be a bit mean to use them all - the rest will be used to make 'beena' squash for the teetotallers in the household.

This is such a simple recipe, it really requires little effort, but it does take time to mature so if you make it now it will be perfect for Christmas, either as a gift or for proving to everyone that you're bang on trend in the kitchen this year!  If you've ever made sloe gin or blackberry vodka, it's basically the same principle so you'll have no trouble making this.

homegrown blackcurrants


400g ripe blackcurrants (wash and remove stalks)
250g caster sugar
500mls vodka (I've used Caucasian Old Vodka)

You will also need a sterilised kilner jar or wide neck bottle.

Easy homemade DIY Cassis Recipe

Wash and remove the stalks from your blackcurrants.  Place them in a bowl and give them a good squish with the back of a a spoon.
Add the sugar and squish up some more.

How to make Cassis
Tip the purple mush into a sterilised jar and add the vodka.

Shake well, and leave out so you'll remember to shake well once a day for a week or so. After one or two days it will develop into a rich, jewel violet shade.
How to make Cassis with vodka

After that you can pop it in a dark cupboard and leave it for 3 months.
After you've allowed it to steep, strain out the fruit through a muslin and pour the liquid into a sterilised bottle.
You can keep the fruit for dolloping over ice cream or adding to crumbles for a boozy treat.
Leave to mature until Christmas time.
Serve with Champagne for a classic Kir Royal, or add it to your cooking.


  1. That looks gorgeous! Think I'll make some for Christmas too :D

  2. It does look lovely! We have never made it with blackcurrants before, we usually make a blackberry liqueur with foraged berries which is also delicious :)

  3. Oh my days - bring on Christmas is that's going to be served!

  4. Yum! I love cassis but have never made it - will have to have a go!

  5. Oh I am doing this. I am SO doing this. And tipping it all over my waffles.

    And then running away and not sharing

  6. Wow, that looks fab, love the idea of it on waffles Mummy Barrow! It was lovely to see you in London last week and you clearly picked up some great ideas. Loving all your uses for Vodka, so creative.

  7. Already a cassis fan so it's not going to take much effort to persuade me to make some of this!

  8. You know I love a good vodka. I am going to try this when I'm back from my jollys.