Thursday 1 May 2014

Kid's Kurio Tablet - 7S review

Ruby loves to play with technology (much more so than I do!).  Whether it's on my tablet, my phone or on my laptop, she's forever asking me to download something new for her.

There comes a point where your devices are just so damned full of kid's apps that you have to reclaim them, so getting her a tablet of her own seemed a sensible option.

We were delighted to be chosen as Kurio Family Bloggers and got one of their 7s tablets to try out.

Now, silly me set it up wrong which resulted in her having to key in a password before she could access it - seriously guys, don't be as dim as me!

Once we were over that hurdle, and she had free reign to play and learn whenever the mood took her, she took to it great guns.

I'll write about this tablet in more detail in another post, but first up here are some of the key features both myself as a parent, and Ruby as the main user like about the Kurio 7s:

Parent Pluses

Internet safety and parental control

Now that Ruby is getting to the age where she can spell out and type words for herself, the nightmare of inappropriate surfing rears it's head.  It's great to know that she's not going to stumble upon something inappropriate, and the controls can easily be set.

Preloaded games

Unless you spend hours reading reviews, it's hard to know what games and apps to download when you get your first tablet.  But the huge range (over 60) already preloaded means kids can get stuck in right away. There's a very good mix of educational and fun games as well as e-books which are really useful as her reading skills develop.

Robust design

The Kurios 7s comes with a robust bumper case which seems to have withstood all the bumps and knocks we can throw at it!

Time limits

No more nagging to put the tablet down!  You can easily set limits to the amount of screen time your child has by setting the parameters.  You can do it for the same length of time each day, or differ it - for example you may allow more time in the holidays or on the weekends.

Ruby Raves

Easy to handle

The tablet is smaller than mine making it much easier for little hands to carry, hold and work on.  The screen is very responsive, unlike some others I've read about.

Cool camera

She loves being able to take photos with the integral camera, edit them and play about with them.  This is a great feature as we didn't have a camera on my ancient tablet.  I'll admit it doesn't take the greatest quality pictures, but when you consider the price of the Kurio 7s I think it's not bad.

Voice Recording

Our Kurio now boasts a large catalogue of her making up stories and performing her made-up songs.  It makes me smile to listen to her rambling on!  This feature (she tends to use the Disney Theater apps) is really great for her imagination as she throws herself into story-telling, using different voices, making up characters and plot lines.  It's also good for her self-confidence.


She was really excited to learn she could download movies onto the Kurio (required parents password before purchase thankfully!), and this is great for travelling and holidays.  Another added bonus for us is that it's compatible to use with Netflix so we can access our account on the tablet meaning we only have to take one with us when we go away.

Great pre-loaded apps

As mentioned, there's lots of apps already loaded and some of her favourites games include Fruit Ninja, Where's my water and the Disney Theater apps.

The Kurio 7s is available to purchase at Toys R Us, Argos, John Lewis and many other stores and is currently on sale with Toys R Us at £84.99.

Disclosure: We were sent the tablet to review.  All opinions are our own.


  1. We have been looking at this for Tigger, I'm pleased to see it really is kid friendly

  2. Sounds absolutely awesome

  3. That looks great. I will investigate for my 7 year old who has been nagging for ages! :)

  4. Very interested to see how you're getting on with this. LMC has just started asking for my iPad much more frequently and I'm starting to realise that it's not really mine any more...

  5. This looks GREAT! Like you, I also love the fact that it has preloaded games because as you say you may not know what games to download at first. x

  6. My tablet confuses my poor OH all the time - maybe I should start him off with something a bit simpler like this!

  7. Oh perfect, we've been looking at these for my daughters birthday...great read!

  8. This looks fab and we have to wrestle the tablets we have in our house off the children, so this maybe a great option for us x

  9. You know when we were looking for a tablet for my eldest i actually said pass to Kurio but now seeing your review i feek sorry i did. maybe it is time to look again.

  10. A very comprehensive review. Good value product.

  11. I really wouldn't want to let our little one loose on the iPad as I dread to think what charges he might rack up. This looks like a great option and it is really good that it comes with apps preloaded so there is no long wait setting it up before you can start having fun.

  12. The kiddos are so hot with all this. Chloe gave Erin her old ipod. I looked at it the other day Erin has filled it with selfies that none of us knew about!!

  13. These look brilliant - the perfect option when the older ones shun childish looking things but you don't want to let them loose on your ipad!

  14. Sounds great - especially that sturdy case!

  15. Sturdy does seem to be a great idea for kids, phaffing about loading apps is tiring, great it comes with appropriate ones pre loaded!

  16. Ooh, this sounds really good. At the moment T uses my old iPad, which is an ancient (in tech years!) first generation one, and it's definitely on its last legs. When it conks I would love to replace it with something that has better parental controls, so I'll definitely bear this in mind. x

  17. Hadn't even heard of this - however it doesn't look very Dreamworks, which must be a good thing :D

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