Friday, 29 November 2013

Cash in your Festive Fortune with Coinstar

We all know that this is a pricey time of year.  Careful shopping; planning; thrifting and tightening our belts can stretch our pounds further, but actually, maybe it's the pennies you should be worrying about...

Apparently, we have over £1.5 billion in loose pennies rattling around down our sofas; in discarded purses; money jars; kitchen drawers...

You might remember we recently tried out a coinstar machine for the first time when Ruby spent some of her savings from her piggy bank.  Well, the machines are so easy to use and conveniently located in over 1,900 outlets including many supermarkets, you could easily use the money converted to go towards your Christmas shop.

Nearly 70% of households have loose change lying around their home that never even makes it to a savings jar and on average, this amounts to a whopping £60 in change in every house.  Take a look at the infographic above and see what you could spend it on if you liberated it!

Nick Harris, Director, Coinstar, says: 

“It’s surprising how much the nation ‘throws’ away in coins every year. There have even been instances when I’ve seen youngsters chuck their loose change in a bin! Given the fact that we’re a nation used to tightening out belts, we should be looking after the pennies so the pounds look after us.”

Why not have a rummage around and see if you really are sitting on a festive fortune, then pop it into a Coinstar machine and see how much you've got.

Disclosure:  This is a featured post in association with Coinstar.


  1. I love those machines. We have them here too, and it's always fun finding out how much the coins add up to! :D

  2. We love Coinstar - we haven't long emptied our money boxes out to take to our local one! Love that you can opt to donate to charity too - giving without really even thinking about it.

  3. Oh yes, it is SO important to use your "old coins", it adds up to so much! Much check out where there is a local coinstar!

  4. It's amazing how much we can find when we dig around. The bottom of the swimming bag and my handbag are my favourites!