Thursday, 28 November 2013

Amazing value gift ideas from Aldi

Bargainistas will be familiar with Aldi already.  Perhaps for the weekly shop, maybe for some low cost luxuries like chocolate or toiletries.  They've come up trumps this Christmas with a range of winter warmers and low cost gift ideas which will help spread your budget further this yuletide.

As with all Aldi's special buy items, they are in store for a limited period and when they're gone they're gone, so get yourself down there to snap up these bargains:

From 28th November:

Men's Winter Warmer Selection including this super-snugly fleece dressing gown at only £9.99. Available in grey, blue, black or burgundy.

Or this 100% lambswool jumper with zip at only £16.99.  This comes in a choice of beige; dark chocolate; denim blue or charcoal grey and would make a great Christmas gift.

There's also cosy cotton PJs, leather gloves socks and slippers all at low prices, so grab them while you can.

From 12th December:

Ladies don't fret!  There's plenty coming to keep us warm and snug too!

Leather gloves for only £6.99; Sherpa fleece booties at £3.99; onesies at £8.99 and Angora blend wool socks for £3.99.

There's tonnes of stylish home ware; decorations; gadgets and tableware to choose from as well as speciality Christmas foods, so it's well worth a trip even if it's not your regular supermarket.

And just a final heads-up for those of you with girls.  You know those ridiculously over-priced fashion shoes that are advertised on the kid's TV channels?  You know the ones - where your daughter begs "pleeeeeease can I have those for my school shoes, pleeeeeeease?"  Well, get down to Aldi on December 19th where their girl's fashion shoes are back by popular demand.  They went down a storm last time and at only £8.99 a pair instead of around £50 for the brand names, you can see why.

Disclosure: We were sent a selection of products from Aldi.


  1. Oh my, I want those booties!! How cute?!

  2. Oh the dressing gown looks great. Might get one for Ben. He keeps nicking mine and pink really isn't his colour ;)

  3. Love the girls shoes - and that they don't come with lame makeup like the big name brand who makes them does!
    Ooo slippers - now those I NEED!

  4. Oh thanks for the heads up shall def pop down and get me another onesie.

  5. My kids are onesie mad suddenly, and I am so tempted, like PinkOddy! Love the slippers too!

  6. Oooh, my husband wants a new dressing gown- hmmmm, must nip to Aldi!x

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