Friday, 11 October 2013

Fashionable driving on a budget

When it comes to buying a car, there is an age old argument that many clothes shoppers will be familiar with: form over function. This is the argument of style over substance, that by sacrificing practicality you can gain aesthetics. Yet when it comes to something as important as a car, is it so much to ask for both?

We all have dream cars we are not going to afford any time soon, but those who set themselves a reasonable budget can be impressed by what they find. Here’s a look at how you can follow the mantra of many a fashionista and drive stylishly ... and on a budget!

Forget new

The first thing you need to do is lose the illusion that new cars are better. New cars cost more, don't always deliver what they promise and most importantly depreciate quickly.

Older models – even a year or two old – offer a much cheaper car while retaining all the features you love. Some models and ranges are known for quality, so why buy a new version when there are great used Mercedes cars available for a fraction of the cost?

These will look, drive and feel like a Mercedes because that's exactly what they are. Fashionable shoppers know all about powerful branding and auto manufacturers have a legacy for exactly the same reason: high quality sells.

On-going support

Furthermore, you should think of the on-going care your vehicle may need. There's no point investing in a car if you're not willing to keep its standards up – letting the car deteriorate will influence the handling and just as easily damage the style and fashion you loved in the first place.

Second hand cars have been available longer so there's a larger market for parts and replacements. This makes everything cheaper and easier to get hold of, which is good news for many fashionable drivers and their bank accounts. When it comes to routing servicing, Mercedes will cover the first three months of 3,000 miles to give you an even bigger bonus. If only shops did the same when it came to their standard 28 day returns policy!

In summary, it's a simple argument. If you want style and substance in your vehicle then it is possible. Have a look at some used cars available and you're sure to find the perfect option without having to pay over the odds for it.

This is a featured guest post in association with Mercedes.


  1. I've never bought a new car - never had the money. But our second hand cars have always (touch wood) been reliable!

  2. Oooh great post and some good tips. I need a new car so will take note :) x

  3. I deffo wouldn't buy a brand new car - as you say the depreciation is shocking over the first few years! x

  4. We bought a new car once - but only because we got a good deal on it as my father-in-law worked for the Manufacturers, its not something we will be doing again. And good tips on being committed to keeping the car on the road by looking after it *guilty face*

  5. This is good advice and we are just saving up to replace our car which is just sat on the drive atm.

  6. A friend of mine will only ever buy Mercedes cars! He has had every car possible but always returns to Merc!! Must be something about it eh?

  7. I definitely think you have to weigh up whether a new car or second hand car is best for you. I think there are more concerns when getting a second hand car though (is it serviced? is it damaged? How many previous owners? does it have its car Mot?), whereas with a new car a lot of that info is irrelevant.