Wednesday, 18 September 2013

When to switch energy providers

With winter just around the corner, most of us are beginning to think about when to turn the heating on, which of course leads us to fret about the ever increasing energy bills.

Changing suppliers is easier than ever nowadays, with the process being quick and painless and can often be done with a few clicks on the internet.

So what are the reasons you might consider changing to a new energy supplier?
  • Perhaps you were on a fixed price plan and that deal is now coming to an end?
  • You're on a standard tariff and want to switch to a company offering a fixed price for stability and peace of mind.
  • You are shopping around to see if you can find a cheaper tariff.
  • You want to see if there's a cashback deal, loyalty points or other new customer reward initiatives.
  • You're looking for better customer service.
  • Maybe you'd like to install a smart meter and are looking at who can supply you one.
  • You'd like to move to paperless billing and manage your account online or via your smartphone.
  • Or, conversely you'd like the option to receive printed bills for your accounts.
  • You are moving home and re-evaluating all your utilities.
  • Maybe additional features might be of benefit to you like appliance cover or boiler repair.
  • You're looking for a company who can provide you with both gas and electricity, and a good dual fuel deal.

So, if any of those reasons ring true for you, maybe it's time to start comparing suppliers and make the switch.


This is a featured post in association with British Gas.


  1. You know, I don't even know who my energy provider is...I should check shouldn't I?

  2. Not much choice where I live. But great advice. We are still trying to keep cool down here in Louisiana. Linda@Wetcreek Blog

    1. Do your people have a monopoly there Linda? So bad when there's no consumer choice, I guess we take that for granted here. x

  3. Could do with saving some money, I have stayed loyal to Ecotricity all these years, but it is expensive.

    1. We were with Ecotricity for a long time too, but couldn't justify the expense and at least most of the other providers are now offering some sort of green options, even if now to quite the same level.

  4. I have to admit we change every time our contract is up - it works out so much cheaper!

  5. It never hurts to use one to barter against another either! They really are not all the same.

  6. I am all for switching and changing, so many good deals out there now. Just wish I could understand them all here! :D

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