Monday 9 September 2013

Magpie Monday - Bonnie Scotland

OK, OK I'm sorry.  I've been AWOL for a few weeks, but don't worry I haven't been slacking, I've been busy sourcing lovely thrifted bargains to show you!

I had no idea the school holidays would be so hectic.  It's the first proper one for us as Ruby just started school last September and I totally underestimated how difficult it would be to carry on blogging with her at home. And anyway, we've been out and about and on holidays so I really haven't been around much.

I was very lucky to spend a few days away with friends up in Edinburgh - child-free!  So it was time to indulge the group passion of charity shopping - don't you just love thrift-loving friends?  Arthur's Seat?  The Royal Mile? Pah, seen them I don't suppose they've changed much, so there was very little sight-seeing, just two whole days of bargain-hunting.

Having a local as a guide, she took us straight to Stockbridge, an area just north of the city and only a few minutes stroll from the centre.  It's chok-a-blok with charity shops, broken up by cool little cafes and coffee shops.  My idea of heaven, right?

I got lots of bits and pieces, mainly clothes and a few books.  In fact, I bought so much that I ended up having to mail some bits back to myself in the post because they wouldn't go through hand luggage!  I got a complete pin-hole camera set, not realising that the developing fluids wouldn't get through security, so that had to be posted, and some enourmous old OS maps - those were dispatched in a mailing tube an arrived home a few days after I did.

We also spent some time in Dundee where we were treated to a visit to the Tayside re-use centre.  A total Aladin's cave, this place is massive.  Here I picked up my favourite bargains.

No trip to Scotland would be complete without some tartan, and I bought this huge piece of woolen fabric for just £1.  It will be perfect for making cushions.

The pretty polka dot cotton was 50p.  The spoons I initially picked up to hammer-punch words on, but on closer inspection they are marked as 'Afghan silver' and hallmarked - does anyone know what that means? They were £2 for the set.

Lastly, my favourite, this stack of vintage Tala cake tins for only 10p each.

I have an upcycling project in mind for these, but after reading Capture by Lucy's new linky Sunday Prop Shop, I'm thinking maybe I should just keep them.

Do take a look at Lucy's beautiful blog where she shares her tips on photography and styling.

So, how about you?  Have you had a busy summer?  Did you find time for any thrifting?

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  1. Welcome back! That woolen fabric is lovely, can't believe you got it for just a £1

  2. Welcome back! I've missed this lovely link up. Ooh yes link those babies up! They make great props, in fact I just won on ebay some mini versions, so please cook a recipe so I can borrow it! Maybe upcycle 3 and keep one for baking?!

  3. Love the tartan too never think to buy fabric yet so useful for crafting!

    1. I'm always on the lookout for fabric, my Other Half despairs!

  4. On one of my very rare child-free days I headed to Stockbridge last year, and you are right, it's a charity shop mecca. I'm loving some of your finds, and next time I head up the road to Dundee will definitely be searching out the Tayside re-use centre. Is it somewhere I could manage with small children in tow, or do I need to ditch them for a day?

    1. Stockbridge is ace isn't it?

      I think the re-use centre might be best sans children. There's loads of different section that might not be most child-friendly like tools and sport equipment - it's basically a giant warehouse. But well worth a trip on your own.

      I'd try Broughty ferry with the kids. A short drive from Dundee, there's a nice beach and a High Street full of chazzas! x

  5. Ooh the pinhole camera set sounds great!

  6. It's been sooooo long since I linked up with Magpie Monday but guess what, I realised I'd done a thrifting post (quite rare these days) AND it was a monday so it seemed fated.
    Anyway, good to be back Liz, hope I'm still allowed. Your trip to Edinburgh sounds fun - I love thrifting on holiday!
    I'm loving those tins too - look just like my mum's and she got hers as a wedding present!

  7. Haven't had any shop shop finds for ages, but finally found something! Nice to be back at magpie monday :) Lisa x

  8. love those Tala tins and that tartan wool is rather special!
    I think the best souvenirs come from second hand and charity shops - when i visit a new country i always try to plan for some junking around :)