Thursday, 2 May 2013

Where do you holiday when you're scared of flying?

Each year, the same old discussion comes up about where we're going to go on holiday.

Much as I DO actually love this country and firmly believe it has many hidden treasures; much as I think air flights cause untold environmental damage, I do basically use those as excuses not to get on a plane.

You see I'm absolutely terrified.  It makes me feel physically sick just thinking about it and any foreign jaunt is marred by weeks of my nervous snapping temper beforehand, and then fretting throughout the holiday about the return journey.

I do force myself to do it - I've been to Portugal; Spain; Tunisia; Greece; Egypt and even flown to Scotland and Ireland, but I'll avoid it if at all possible.  Any suggested destination sees me doing a quick mental geography lesson to see if I can get there by car/boat or train.  On my last family flight, Ruby held my hand firmly the whole time and said soothingly "it's alright Mummy, it's alright".  Talk about role reversal.

At the moment I'm trying to steer the Old Man towards Thomson Al Fresco holidays who offer lots of choice in Northern France - easily accessible by ferry!

We've done hotels; villas; woodland lodges; barges and self catering cottages so this time we want to try something new - camping.

Now, his idea of camping and mine are poles apart.  He recently exclaimed with glee that he'd signed us up for family membership at a private riverside club - ostensibly for the wild swimming possibilities.  He was full of excitement telling us that members were allowed to camp there over the summer and painted a picture of us all singing Ging Gang Goolie by the camp fire whilst munching on marshmallows.  However, reading between the lines on the club's rules and regulations leaflet, I'm harbouring strong suspicions that he's actually signed us up to a nudist club.  The mind boggles.  When I enquired about toilet facilities I was informed happily that they consisted of a 'bush and a shovel'.

Good lord!

I'm all for a bit of communing with nature, but I'd like something that sets us apart from the bears in the woods.

To me, camping needs to come with a minimum of a hot shower; running water and a toilet.  But preferably, a few more mod cons.  These mobile homes on the parcs and sites with Thomson look much more my cup of tea.

Now, I've just got to persuade him to drive there...either that or start a hypnotherapy course.

Disclosure:  This is a featured post in association with Thomson Al Fresco holidays.  All word and content are my own.  Please see my disclosure page for further details.


  1. Lizzie, you need to try hypnotherapy... it will open your world up so much being able to get on a plane without the worry, my dad couldn't fly for years and we had so many painful holidays driving to Europe squished in a car arguing with my brother! The my dad did a hypnotherapy course and it really helped... he now lives in America of course with his new wife so i'm not sure if it really helped!

    1. Really Dom? Wow that's amazing. I have half-heartedly looked into it, but was never convinced it would really work. Might go and have another look. I know our local budget airline offer sessions. Thank you x

  2. I think these al fresco holidays look pretty fab too and chaepaer than a seaside break here!