Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Time to relax

Oh!  We have a long weekend coming up.  The Bank Holiday has fallen on me like an unexpected gift.  I'd totally forgotten, but boy do we need it.

I'm determined that we use this extra day to recharge our batteries, relax, and HAVE FUN.

Life's been hectic lately, and none of us are sleeping well because of various stresses and strains.  Patience is wearing thin and tempers are fraught.  The endless stream of meetings; work commitments; appointments; trips to the doctors / dentist / hospitals; birthday parties; swimming lessons...the list just goes on and on.

We seem to have lost sight of what’s important.  We don’t have time to play.

True, the evenings are getting lighter which does at least give us the chance to squeeze a trip to the park or a walk in the woods in before bed, but even that is against the clock.

The weeks are whizzing by in a blur of chores and mundane trivia, and I find myself on autopilot from making the school packed lunch through to the dinner – bath – bed routine.  Even the bedtime story is a race against time before some engagement or other.

This weekend is already booked up - albeit with fun stuff, but there’s places to be, people to meet.  We’re off to stay with a friend on Friday night. I'm very much looking forward to it, but I know Friday will involve rushing around packing the car, organising a dog-sitter and fretting that we'll get stuck in traffic and be late. The Old Man will be up and at ‘em early as he goes off to plot some epic swimathon across Cambridgeshire. On Sunday we’re heading off to London to the 30 Choir Festival, and whilst I’m very excited about it, I expect it’s going to be a busy day.

But on Monday we have one whole day, just the three of us.  No outside interference.  No clock watching.  The phones will be switched off, the front door shut behind us, and we’ll be free.

Now, what shall we do?

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