Saturday, 11 February 2012

Wear your heart on your T-shirt

For Valentine's this year I've made a T-shirt for Ruby to wear.  It was very simple, and kids could do their own, but we'd done a lot of painting that day and frankly she'd had enough and got bored!

You'll need:

a plain TShirt (clean and ironed)
a heart shaped paper doily (you can get these in Poundland)
Dylon fabric paint (I used Deep Pink)
a sponge
low tack tape such as masking tape
buttons to embellish (optional)

Place a protective layer of cardboard or plastic inside the t-shirt to prevent the paint seeping through to the back.  Lay your garment our flat and position the doily where you want it, gently taping around the edges to hold in place.

Apply the fabric paint with the sponge to the doily stencil.  Don't use too much or it will saturate the paper and tear it.  Work all around the stencil, removing the tape as you go - remove the tape before you get paint on it, otherwise it will rip.

Once you've covered the whole area, carefully peel off the doily and leave to dry for a few hours.  Use a hot iron to seal the image and make it washable - place a clean cloth over the top and iron for a couple of minutes on high heat.

Embellish with buttons and wear with love!

Happy Valentine's Day x


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  1. Fab idea and such a pretty top for a prety girl x x

  2. Brilliant idea.

  3. Love these doiley tees... I am yet to try it - you make it look so easy... so I am guessing I MUST HAVE A GO!!!!

    Love the addition of buttons!


    1. Oh you must! Nice and simple to do, I think Ruby would have loved it if she hadn't wandered off! Still, she's happy to wear it :0)

  4. Excellent! She looks adorable!

  5. Saw this on Pinterest and is on my LONG list of things to do, looks adorable and makes me want to do this all the more, great touch adding the buttons though. x

  6. This is so cute! If I had a little girl she would totally be rocking this shirt.

  7. That is really amazing! I love it! What a simple yet effective idea :)

  8. I A-D-O-R-E this! I want to make one for myself. Hope you had a lovely day and thanks so much for linking up! I have pinned this :)

  9. What a fabulous idea!It looks so pretty and much nicer than some of the T-shirt you can buy on the highstreet!

  10. A great way to add a little extra to a t-shirt, better not let my daughter see this, she loves pink,buttons and hearts, she'd have us putting them on everything.

  11. Fantastic! I have pinned this, I'll try to do it some day

  12. That is such a beautiful idea! LOVE IT. :)

  13. Really cute! you are doily fantastic :)

  14. That is gorgeous, I think I shall defo give this a go x

  15. I really love this idea. I've gotta do this for our shirts. Now to come up with some cool boy shirts. :)

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