Tuesday 7 February 2012

Spend Vouchers, Get Rewards!


I wrote a post some time ago about how to check for 'lost' Tesco Clubcard vouchers - those that you've been posted and never spent.  It remains one of the most popular posts on my blog, so you guys are obviously keen to make the most of your Clubcard points.

If you're not already familiar with the loyalty card or want to learn how to make the most of the Clubcard Deals then read on.

Most items you purchase at Tesco stores, online at Tesco.com, and at their petrol pumps will earn you points.  Often there are items around the store which will have special offers with extra points on.  Look out for those and your points will soon add up.  In addition, if you have a Tesco credit card and use that to shop, you'll earn even more points.  There are lots of additional ways to increase your points, such as switching your energy, buying your glasses and booking your holiday.

For every 150 points you collect, these will be converted into vouchers - 150 points = £1.50.  Now,  you can simply spend the cash value of that voucher in-store or online, but to absolutely maximise the benefits, then I suggest you look at the Clubcard rewards. 

I know people who, with savvy purchasing have managed to collect enough vouchers to cover the cost of their annual family holiday, and others who save them for airmiles to visit family overseas.



The special deals on rewards change regularly, so keep an eye out.  There's masses of choice to suit every lifestyle - from meals out, hotel stays, cinema tickets, magazine subscriptions, you can even donate them to your chosen charity. There are over 600 different rewards to pick from.

In these belt-tightening times we use our rewards as special treats, meaning we can still enjoy little luxuries that we've now cut out of our budget.  With every £5 clubcard voucher currently worth £20 in rewards, it means we can still 'afford' to treat the family to a meal out or a trip to the pictures.  I've used our vouchers to pay for magazine subscriptions for birthday gifts and last year we visited Thomas Land at Drayton Manor - all 'paid for' with Clubcard points.


Ordering your reward vouchers is quick and easy online so there's no excuse for not maximising your points!

What do you spend yours on?


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  1. thanks again for posting. love how you can easily see items you normally buy in-store via your tesco clubcard when you buy online

    1. I know some people that are skeptical of such reward schemes but it is only a win when you think about it. Yes Tesco want you to keep spending money at their stores but they usually have the biggest selection of products and with the points you do at least get something back. Plus, who doesn't have a Tesco near them??

  2. Yoy might not believe me but its true, there were rich pickings on Tesco clubcarda few years ago, glitches and multiple codes meant you could easily accumulate hundreds of pounds worth of points if you were willing to live off bizarre food combos lol!. Clubcard points paid for my car in full when Motorpoint were in the scheme, and I've had holidays to Vegas, Barbados & spain paid in full with points. sadly Tesco wised up and now its just the odd days out & meals but its still a great scheme! x