Monday, 5 September 2011

Magpie Monday - Lush Linens

I'm back steering the good ship Magpie Monday.

Huge and undying thanks to Molly for keeping her on an even keel in my absence - she did a marvelous job.  Thanks also to all of you who offered to help out - sorry I was so disorganised I didn't even have the time to thank you.  I have slapped myself on the wrist and promise to try harder.

We're still not in our new house, and are now squatting at the in-laws while they're on their hols, but hopefully things have settled down sufficiently for Me and My Shadow to get back on track.

We've just returned from a week on the south coast.  If you haven't visited, I can thoroughly recommend Hastings.  After a bit of exploring, we discovered the Old Town, and what a treat it was to wander up and down the lanes and secret passages.  Full of vintage shops, boutiques, antique stores and galleries - I think you'd love it!  There were old school haberdashers stuffed to the gunnels with ribbons and buttons, bohemian cafes and independent stores - I was in love!

Mooching around St Leonards, Hastings and the neighbouring town of Bexhill on bank holiday Monday, I had high hopes.  I don't know if there's ever been any research on which town has the highest proportion of charity shops per square mile, but I reckon this area is a front-runner!

However, returning a few days later when all the shops were open, I was sorely disappointed.  Gutted in fact.  Most of the shops were full of tat.  I mean, un-buyable tat (for me, that's saying something!)  There were clothes with holes in, broken toys, games with pieces missing... Really, I know it's for charity but this just isn't good enough!

I did eventually manage to track down some treasures.  I spotted this embroidered cushion cover and snaffled it, happily paying the £1.99 asking price.

It was only after getting it back and examining it I even noticed it was only part completed!  Oh well, a little project for me.  I just hope I can track down the silks for it.  I love the Art Nouveau design and it will have pride of place once finished.

I found these pretty handmade place mats in an antique store. £5 for 8 of them.  Some of them are stained, but I'm thinking I can re-use the appliqued flowers in some project or other. I think this must have been some kind of kit as my Mother-in-law has a book bag in an almost identical design, passed down from her mother-in-law.  When I asked if she'd sewn it herself, my mother-in-law spat her tea out and declared that 'granny' couldn't even make a bed!!

Next up, I seized this gorgeous double sheet adorned with pretty yellow tea roses.

I love it!  I suspect it will now mean I re-think the decoration of our new spare room...greys and yellows?

Finally, this piece of fabric which I picked up for £1.50. I love the contrast between the mint green and the scarlet red.  Not sure what I'll use it for yet, but I'm sure it will find a home - just as soon as I do!

I hope you've all been treasure-hunting and you'll link up and join me here.

It's good to be back. x

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  1. Welcome back, what a shame about the tat in the charity shops though - I wouldn't give in a game or jigsaw which had vital pieces missing, and I don't know why the shops put them out. It does no-one any good to be disappointed. I've finally written up my trip to Limerick - now there's a place where the charity shops vary wildly!

    Well done on keeping your buys small and foldable - hopefully it won't be too long before you can be reunited with all your things.

  2. Thanks Lakota. Mostly they were small and suitcaseable - well, all apart from the small piece of furniture I bought much to the annoyance of the old man! I'll save that for next week. x

  3. Welcome back m'dear, you've been sorely missed. Hastings sounds right up my alley (will have to add it to the list). Glad you had a good break, I bet you needed it!

    Good to see you found some treasures too - I am particularly jealous of the yellow roses bed linen.

  4. Lovely to have you back! :-)

    Those placemats are calling my name, but I love the yellow tea roses too!

    Jem xXx

  5. Love the cushion Liz...and welcome back x

  6. Great to have you back. I love Hastings or did last time I was there many moons ago.
    Good to see you getting back your buying bargain powers.
    I like how you see something and know you can make it better or build on it in some way

  7. Welcome back!

    Hastings is definitely on our list of weekend trips - what a shame the charity shops weren't up to much :(

  8. We'd really love to go back weekend of 17/18th September. There's a food and wine festival on and Thomas is at the Kent & East Sussex Railway! Not sure we can justify another trip so soon though.

  9. OOh, I love, love, love it all - especially the cushion cover, I'd fight you for it! Glad to have you back, noone does Magpie Monday like you ;) xx

  10. I agree. That red and green fabric is lovely. I can't tell how big it is but I'd want to show it off by either hemming in and using it as a runner...or a cushion..or even framing it in a dark frame to make the colours pop :D

  11. welcome back and nice finds :) sounds like you had a lovely trip x

  12. Welcome back! The red & green fabric is gorgeous! Is it print or stitched? I can just see it as a terrifically opulent tablecloth or a throw.

  13. Thanks for your lovely comments.

    The red/green fabric is embroidered. It's quite ethnic, maybe clothing fabric? I was hoping to make a table runner, but it's too square and is 'finished' on 2 sides so it wouldn't cut in half and join as a strip. I'm wondering if I can make a roller blind from it. can you get kits to make roller blinds?

  14. I love finding pretty fabric items in charity shops. The red and green material would be great for the festive season.

    I've just done a quick post about my portable typewriter purchased on eBay and added it to your linky.

  15. Welcome Back Liz. Love that yellow rose sheet...Gorgeous! x