Saturday, 21 August 2010

Going slightly Potty - Things I have learnt whilst losing the nappies

Finally that time is upon me. The dreaded potty training. We are only a few weeks in, and it's fair to say we have had some interesting accidents, but I'm reasonably confident I can return my daughter to pre-school in September in her new Lola knickers.
 We are using both the toilet and the potty. We have a great training seat which we use when upstairs and will be coming into its own when she's able to give me enough notice to get from the living room to the bathroom.


This is what I have learnt so far:

  • A surprising amount of wee can be held in such a small bladder
  • I am nowhere near as fit as I thought I was. Running up and down the stairs in response to my daughter's need to pee is killing my thighs
  • Carpets/Rugs and potty training do not mix. It is tiled or laminate flooring all the way
  • It is impossible to empty a poo from the potty to the toilet without resulting in either a) splashback or b) pan skids
  • Walking around semi-naked most of the time has brought with it a new-found interest in previously hidden body bits. It has also resulted in more frequent usage of her rather curious made-up names for said body parts - a girls bits are forever to be known as a 'fu-fu' in our household. Thankfully as I have a daughter, I don't have to deal with the boys dangly bits, otherwise known as a 'Do-doff' or a 'Fluffley'!
  • My daughter has a much bonier bottom than I realised. After spending 2 years ensconced in the padding of a nappy, a bony bare bottom sat on my lap at story-time is a truly uncomfortable experience - and often a painful one when she plonks herself down on my c-section scar - ouch!
  • Being newly able to see the 'fruits of her labour' means daughter now takes a keen interest in her digestive system, pointing out various components of yesterday's meals in her potty
  • I have a weaker stomach than is sometimes necessary


This I have learned so far. I am sure there is more to come.


  1. This made me laugh! I'm so glad we're getting used to the potty early on, so hopefully most of these things will be lessened for me. But I'm not sure. Check back in two years! :/

  2. It's hard work isn't it! Your post made me LOL! I have a weaker stomach than is sometimes necessary too. I think I'm gonna have a 'Potty Trained Party' when S finally manages it. Absolutely hate this stage! Hope things improve! :O) x

  3. Haha - awww. I'm preparing myself. How is it going for you two? xx