Monday, 9 August 2010

Dipping my toe in

So I've finally plucked up the courage to start writing my blog. To get me in the swing of it and in true high school fashion, my first post is 'what I did on my holidays'. Not very original I realise, but I hope my ever so slightly surreal trip will be at least mildly entertaining to you.

I've also discovered, that after spending so much time writing in 140 characters, this is like opening the floodgates, so apologies for the long posts.

I'd really love some feedback from you all. I greatly enjoy reading blogs, and it makes me feel like I 'know' some of the people I communicate with on Twitter and Facebook a little better. I hope after reading this you'll feel the same way.


  1. Where is the bells and whistles lol, only kidding, please keep it simple, all the extras we seem to see on other bloggs spoil the central messege. Well done xxx

  2. Thank you my dear. Fear not - simple is all I can manage :0)

  3. So glad I've actually found your blog. I've only just realised I can access it through your profile, which very thick of me considering!