Saturday, 8 March 2014

Sport Relief Makes a Lasting Change

I haven't properly thanked you yet.  Each and everyone of you who donated to our leg of the blogger's Team Honk Relay - THANK YOU!!

I'm so proud that our little team managed to raise nearly £1000 - I say nearly, we're currently at £960 and would LOVE to double our target of £500, so if you can spare a few quid we'd be thrilled to have your donation.

We (I say 'we'!) swam in the river at dawn; cycled 40 miles; ran a half marathon and got lost walking around Milton Keynes in superhero costumed kindly supplied by Joker's Masquerade.

Why did we do this?

Well, let me introduce you to Lucy.  She's an inspirational mother; crafter and upcycler (just like me - but without the inspirational bit!).  She even has a fabric cupboard like mine - albeit a lot tidier!

Lucy is a teacher by profession, but gave up her role when she moved with her husband for his work.

She found her passion for sewing and making new from old was marketable and through training and mentoring from the Gatsby Trust she developed her new business in a new city after her move from the countryside.

She wants to use her skills as a teacher to help train others how to sew and make items, and in turn help them to set up their own businesses.

This kind of help is not merely a sticking plaster.  It's not a quick fix. It's providing a lasting change for women like Lucy and her family and her community.  By developing her skills and allowing her to train others and employ others, the benefits ripple out to others.

The Gadsby Trust is supported by Sport Relief and Comic Relief, so just look at what your donation can do.

Team Honk is over in Tanzania right now, witnessing the lasting change your donation is having.  Please do follow them on social media #lastingchange to find out more.

Check out al the other Lasting Change posts on the Team Honk site.

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