Tuesday 4 March 2014

Bunny Bento Lunch Box with Bunny Rolls

We love our themed lunchboxes, and with Easter just around the corner, it's the perfect excuse for a bunny themed box.

I made some cute bunny bread rolls which are super easy to make.


  • 260g strong white bread flour
  • 1 tablespoon butter or vegetable oil
  • 1/2 tsp salt
  • 1/2 tsp sugar
  • 1 tsp dried yeast
  • 150 ml warm water
  • 1 egg yolk (to glaze)

Mix up all the dough ingredients using a dough hook on your mixer if you have one - or by hand.
Leave in the bowl and cover with a clean tea towel and leave in a warm place for 1 hour until doubled in size.
Divide into 8 equal pieces.  From each piece, snip off a small section from the corner to make the tail.
Roll each large piece between your hands to make a long sausage shape.  Roll the small piece into a ball.
Wrap the sausage around the tail, crossing over at the top to form the ears.
Place on a greased tray.
Cover with a towel again and leave to prove for 20 minutes.  Preheat the oven to 200 degrees c.
Brush with beaten egg yolk.
Bake for 8-10 minutes until golden brown.  They should sound hollow to tap underneath.

For the rest of the box, we had some fun on the bunny theme:

Carrot cake
Popcorn 'cotton tails'
Carrots (trimmed and topped with parsley 'leaves')
Bunny whoopsies (raisins)
Orange coloured waxed cheese
Bunny dip (hummus)
Bunny bread roll

What will you put in your Easter lunchbox?

This post/ photo is an entry into the Tots100 #Cloudy2Competition.


  1. I just watched the hangout and instantly sprinted over to your blog (this might be a slight exaggeration) to see, if you had posted the recipe for the bunny rolls and you have, yay. I will totally make these for Amy. She loves bunnies x

  2. Super I bet your daughter is the envy of her friends!!

  3. Can you come and do my daughters lunches too???

  4. Oooh how I LOVE your bento box ideas!! Simply adorable!!!!

  5. you are SO clever, your daughter's friends must be in awe!!

  6. This is such a cute idea for an Easter lunch box and it is so healthy too. Great ideas x

  7. I love your Bento boxes and this Bunny Bottom one is just too cute. I'm going to have to make sure the girls don't see this!

  8. What a gorgeous Easter lunchbox, so clever and cute, thanks for linking up to #tastytuesdays

  9. You are so good Liz, what a lovely Easter box. xxx

  10. I love the bunny bread, it's so cute xx

  11. Beyond adorable!!!! Your girl is so lucky to have a Mummy like you xx

  12. I love this! I think I particularly live the raisin whoopsies! So cute!!!

  13. What an absolutely wonderful selection, I wouldn't have thought of the carrot cake so I will definitely use that at Easter time, thanks!

    Popping over from the #Bentobabies linky.