Wednesday 5 March 2014

Quick Easter Craft - Bunny Ears Sweetie Jar

A simple and fun way of dressing up an Easter gift.

So easy to make, you need:

Bunny ears headband (mine was from a pound store)
Large jar such as a coffee jar
White paint
Ribbon and pompom

First paint your lid white.  Once it's dry, remove the ears from the headband using a sturdy pair of scissors (these are wired ears, so you need to cut through that).

Fill your jar with marshmallows or similar treats.  Screw on the lid, then using strong glue or a hot glue gun, fix the ears to the lid.

Tie with a pretty bow and glue a white pompom on it's tush!

A fun and easy way to give an Easter gift for only around £2!

Do watch the hangout video and check out the links below for loads more fab bunny crafts:

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What's your favourite Easter craft?  Don't forget to join in with the #GetYourCraftOn challenge this month.


  1. I love this - so cute and easy to make x x

  2. I LOVE your bunny jar.. so simple and yet so effective. Great "cheat" too....

  3. That is genius! I love how best ideas are so often the simplest.

  4. What a great way to use up old coffee jars and they could be used to sort Roo's hair bobbles etc too once she has eaten the marshmallows

  5. This is brilliant! It is so simple, even I can do it!

  6. Now I can definitely justify the purchase of a glue gun for this! I have wanted one for ages and I am thinking now is the time. I love this bunny jar, it is such a cute idea

  7. *notes down to buy bunny ears in town* AMAZING!

  8. I love this idea and it's much better than more chocolate eggs.

  9. I'm wondering if I could get 24 sets of ears for this make for Brownies... the do love getting the glue gun out!

  10. My kids love marshmallows and don't care how they come so would like making these as gifts. Far too girly for them lol!

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