Monday, 8 October 2012

Presents for Men (and Women and Children!)

Don't let the name of the website 'Presents for Men' confuse you - they sell a whole range of gifts that are not available on the High Street.

I was given the change to review their site and products and I have to say, there was a huge range of choice, with personalised gifts; stocking-fillers; gifts for foodies and children's items.

I chose the bath bomb kit, which is something I'd personally like to receive as a present.  Ideal for people who like to try out new crafts, or for a tween or teenager.

Bath Bomb Kit - £14.99

This kit contained everything we needed (apart from olive/vegetable oil) to make 4 bath bombs (although we actually managed 6), and was a great introduction to this craft - a new one to me!

The instructions were really easy to follow and I was surprised how simple bath bombs are to make - I won't be spending a fortune in Lush from now on!

Ruby helped to make them and although the product isn't suitable for young children to make on their own, she managed it very well with supervision.  She's inspired now to make her own and has been chatting about what shape moulds we could use, and what scented oils each person might like for Christmas.

After we'd made our bath bombs, we left to harden overnight, and then Ruby tried one out the next day.  We were very impressed at their fizziness - every bit as good as shop bought ones.

So, if this is an indication of the quality of gifts sold on the website, then I'm very happy to recommend Presents for Men.  Take a look, the site is really easy to navigate, there are handy categories to make gift buying straight-forward, and you're bound to find something a little bit different.

Disclosure: We were sent this product for the purposes of this review.  However all opinions expressed are my own and are honest.

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