Monday, 8 October 2012

Magpie Monday - Autumn Walk

Such an improvement weather-wise on last weekend.

On Sunday, we all donned our wellies and wrapped up snug for a crisp walk around the woods.

A flask of hot tea, sipped on tree trunk stools, fingers stained purple from blackberry picking, clouds of hot breath steaming from our mouths like dragons.

Ruby was suitable attired for the autumn weather.

Fur collared double-breasted coat - £4 (charity shop)
Purple knitted hat and scarf - 10p each (jumble sale)
Attitude - model's own. Grab the badge and link up.

What second-hand bargains have you picked up lately?  Grab the badge and link up.

Me and My Shadow


  1. Love the attitude! The coat is fab

  2. I love this time of year. Great finds Liz, Fab coat & accessories, so cute x

  3. Aah, super cute - she's a bargainista fashionista!

    I've linked up the Christmas swap - hope you don't mind. It is all about buying second hand after all!

  4. Helllooooooo ! Remember me ? I'm back and linked up Xxx

    How gorgeous does that lovely girl look ! Fab finds Mrs xx

  5. Ah, a very autumnal post, it's making me feel all cosy dispite the sub zero temperatures in my draughty old house, I'm channeling that attitude too btw. x

  6. Love that coat! Great find! Thank you for having me.

  7. That walk through the woods sounds wonderful! It's been so rainy where I live that we haven't been out of the house much in days, but today is looking nice, so hopefully I'll get my own nice walk in the forest.
    Also, we're hosting a little thrifty link-up on our blog, too, this week, so I hope you'll stop by and see not only what we picked up, but also all the others who are linking up!

  8. Awww gorgeous! Very thrifty and such a cute outfit for a cold day x

  9. I love that coat, and the 10p prices at the jumble sale! Wow! Cute little girl too :-)

    Aqeela xx

  10. What a beauty she is! Lovely post x

  11. That coat is adorable (and so is the little lady wearing it)!

  12. She looks so cute and cosy. I bought K a fab double-breasted Zara coat from a boot sale but she refuses to wear it (or even try it on!) it breaks my heart!