Thursday 1 March 2012

The Jeanius Challenge

After the success of the Take on Jumper Challenge, I'm doing it all again!  I'd love you to link up your 'jeanius' upcycled projects using old pairs of denim jeans. You can link an old post or one you've written for this challenge, just so long as it's your own work.

Any blog post linked here will go into a draw to win a copy of the amazing 99 ways to cut, sew & deck out your denim.

99 Ways to Cut, Sew & Deck Out Your Denim

And, because they're pretty, I'm also throwing in a set of these cute heart dressmaking pins.

                                                    Craft Pin Wheel - Heart Shaped Pins. Sewing / Dressmaking Pins.

So to get you in the mood, let me show you what I've done.  I had a pair of jeans which in a rare moment of domesticity, I managed to get bleach splashed on.  They weren't a particularly great fit anyway (if they'd been my favourites I might have sewn a patch over it), so instead, I decided to re-vamp them into something else.

I've been wanting to make more bunting anyway, so I chopped up the legs and made my pennants.

The accidental bleach gave me an idea for the decorative part.  I fancied Union Jack bunting, but I'm a bit tired of the in-your-face red, white & blue after last year's royal wedding.  I suspect the Jubilee and Olympics will have a similar effect this year.

So I made some sponge shapes and bleached the cross pattern onto the fabric.

Practice run - but see how it matches my nails

Extra clever (I thought), I did some with hearts too, and spaced them so from one side you get alternating blanks and flags

and on the other, alternating hearts.  Two for the price of one!!  I'm really taken with this idea.  I think the denim lends itself well to either feminine designs, or more boyish skull & crossbones/rockets/cowboy motifs.

I've got about 3 and a half meters of this, I think it will go up in the garden in the summer.

After chopping up the legs, I was left with the rest.  It wasn't an ideal size, but I whizzed up a quick bag, using a charity shop scarf for the handle and to tie in a bow through the belt loops - looks pretty and keeps it closed.

Neat huh?  It's even got handy pockets on the back!

Does my bum look big in this?

Did you spot the cute flower on the front?  With the scraps I made 2 dahlias.  I've seen them made with felt so I thought I'd have a go with denim.  Love how they've come out, and yet another way to use up some nice buttons.

One I've put a pin on to wear as a brooch

I wasn't wearing this jumper at the time - in case you're thinking I'm particularly flat chested

and the other is adaptable.  Currently it has a hair slide on it and Ruby's rocking it in her barnet!

I had a few little scraps left - mainly the hems, so I came up with this gift wrapping upcycle

All that from one ruined pair of jeans!  So come on, you must have a knackered old pair hanging around the back of your wardrobe, or a pair you can't get into anymore!  Will you get your scissors out an join me?

Blog about your make and link up here by 5pm on Sunday 1st April and I'll pick a winner.  I'm not even going to suggest I'll choose the best, if the last challenge is anything to go by it will be impossible.  It will be a random draw and you can enter as many posts as you like.  Please just make sure you include a link back here to this post.

Sorry, but open to UK only.  I've purchased the prize and I can't run to overseas shipping as well I'm afraid.


  1. Oh my Liz, I LOVE the bleach idea!!!! And that rosette is ADORABLE!!!! WOW!!

    Love love love!


  2. Oh My Lord- you are a creative jeanius!

  3. You are too awesome for your own good. I think you should write a magpie book I really do!

    Right, now where did I put those old jeans I'll never squeeze my bum into ever again?!

  4. I think you should just award yourself the prize - that is just amazing. Do you have a pattern for the dahlias?

  5. I agree, Liz to win the prize - I have seen Ruby's dahlia in the flesh and it is just gorgeous! I think you've set the standard too high :) xx

  6. wow! all from one pair of jeans! thats amazing!

  7. Eeek I just linked up an old post by accident and cant delete - Ooops!

    This is fab - love the hair clip!!!

    Will get my crafty head on to see what Jeanius things I can come up with :0)

  8. Very impressed! Love the idea of bleaching patterns on to the denim. Jeanius indeed. The dahlias look good in denim, I've made them in felt too, so effective.

  9. Blimey Missie, you are a genius! I LOVE the dahlia, can you do a 'How to...' please?

  10. I love the hair clip your little girl is wearing.

  11. I'm working on some denim bunting at the moment, and yours looks fab! I'm not sure mine will be done by the deadline but if it is I shall link it up!

  12. I am in absolute awe! Love the hair accessory! and the bag! and well..all of it! :o

  13. Fantastic post, the the hair accessory.

  14. you have done wonders with a pair of jeans, i wouldnt know where on earth to start, wish i was more crafty @emmajlowe

  15. I'm sorry I only just found this, since almost all of my sewing these days is from recycled jeans. I sell the bags I make to raise money for a charity I support. Anyway, even though I am too late for the prize, I hope someone might find some ideas from my blog as I have posted a lot of tutorials for reusing jeans on it. I'm now off to browse all the other postings in the link party!

  16. I just found this too! I've got a couple of pairs of jeans to recycle and did a post about some of the options and your dahlias came up so I included them in my selection. I'll be watching out for your next challenge!