Tuesday 13 March 2012

Extreme Couponing / Mindful Shopping Workshop

Just before we went of on holiday, I attended a workshop run by Debbie O'Connor of Motivating Mum and Money Minding Mum.  I was hoping to save some money on our food shopping bill, but I already consider myself a reasonably savvy shopper - so, would I learn anything new?

You bet cha I did!

I'm not going to give away all her secrets - you'll have to go on the workshop yourself to see how you can do it too, but I will tell you about my first supermarket trip post revelation moment!

                                 Pennies spilling from a jar

We are not talking about the obsessive, crazy behaviour you may have seen on some American documentaries, but a more systematic, organised and savvy way of shopping, making the most of what's on offer at the time, and learning to have a greater awareness of your habits, requirements and what will work for you and your family.

Debbie talks on her blog about making the most of special offers, and stocking up on non-perishables and long shelf life items.  This is something I've done for a while, but in a rather haphazard way.  I occasionally use Approved Foods for discount shopping, and have found they have been stocking our brand of recycled loo roll at a massive reduction.  I bought enough to last for months!  I've also stocked up on fruit juice and energy drinks that the other half takes to the gym (about a sixth of the price he would pay at the vending machine).

My first 'big shop' after the workshop was yesterday.  We did it in store rather than online - although I will be trying that next.  I was very happy to see on the bottom of the receipt that we'd saved £3.89 in coupons and £35.60 in deals; reductions and BOGOF offers.  Not bad for our first attempt!

What were our best buys?

We stocked up on wet wipes which were buy one get two free.  Although we are beyond the nappy stage, we still use wipes in the bathroom.  But I refuse to pay the ridiculously over-inflated prices for 'toddler toilet wipes'.  Flushable baby wipes are much cheaper.

I stocked up on coffee which was on a great offer and we won't need to buy any more for a couple of months now.  Ditto teabags.

We've recently started taking Berocca vitamin tablets after continuous bouts of illness -plus I want to dance like a happy lumberjack.  The branded effervescent tablets cost around £5 for 15 but my mother-in-law told me she uses a supermarket own brand which are just as good.  I compared the ingredients of the two and they were identical, so picked up the supermarket ones which were £2.49 for 20 AND on 3 for 2.

Finally, I couldn't resist a pack of Clipper Green Teabags (which we do drink anyway).  For £1.29 I got a free voucher to book a blueberry face mask workshop at Lush worth £15. (offer now expired)

Many thanks to Debbie for her great advice and help.  This is not a sponsored post but I wanted to tell the world about it.


  1. Sounds like you've done well. Thanks for sharing about the Lush freebie, I love Lush!

    1. Thanks for commenting. I'm excited about booking my Lush workshop!

  2. Great post - some good tips there. I'm off to check out Approved Foods :)