Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Goodness Direct - Wholesome and eco-friendly products to your door

I realise that those who follow me on Twitter, will probably be snorting with laughter at me writing a post about wholefoods - given that I am generally stuffing myself with chocolate or pizza as I tweet.

But, did you know its perfectly possible to by organic, ethically sourced pizza and chocolate - and a whole lot more besides from Goodness Direct?

GoodnessDirect is the home for all things Healthy, Fresh, Eco and Organic, where healthy shopping is made easy. Shop here and we deliver it to your door.
At GoodnessDirect it's healthy shopping made easy.

Yes, it's true, I love good food (and sometimes food which is not so good for me), but I do try to be careful about what I eat when at home, and of course what I feed my daughter.  It is so easy when your stuck at home all the time, to reach for the biscuits or crisps every time you potter into the kitchen.

I have tried to discipline myself not to snack on unhealthy food during the day.  I've hidden the biscuit tin at the back of the cupboard, and actually even that simple change has made me less likely to nibble on them because it's they're not so accessible.  Instead, I always make sure there's fresh fruit in the fruit bowl, and I have lots of dried fruit, nuts and seeds out on the side in glass jars. If I go to the kitchen for a cuppa and I'm feeling peckish, now I'm much more likely to have a handful of nuts or raisins.

Goodness Direct kindly sent me some products to sample, and these included some dried figs, and apricots.  They were moist and gooey, and perfect to nibble on to satisfy a craving for something sweet.  My daughter Ruby seems to have some kind of fruit-phobia, and we're lucky if she'll eat a banana once a week, or half-heartedly nibble on a slice of peeled apple.  But she'll happily scoff a bowlful of dried cranberries, sunflower seeds (she calls these 'sunshine' seeds), and her absolute favourite at the moment, brazil nuts.

I was also sent a Tropical Wholefoods Mango and Brazil nut bar. It looked like a much healthier option than some of the 'cereal snack bars' you can buy, but unfortunately it was sweetened with honey (I don't do honey), so I had to pass that one over to the Old Man to test.  Overall he liked it, saying  it was chewy and moist, but he couldn't taste the brazil nuts.

I love the fact that they offer a wide range of products - things that I'd normally have to make a special trip to town to a wholefood shop to purchase.  They sell lots of types of sprouting seeds, and this is another activity I like to do - especially during the winter when there is no salad and little greenery coming from my veg patch. Anyone can do sprouting at home - you don't need a garden to have fresh, healthy sprouts.

By the way, you know I can't resist a pizza. Well Goodness Direct stock freshly frozen pizzas from What on Earth, and I can personally vouch for their tastiness!  I can thoroughly recommend the Pizza Mia, topped with goat's cheese, courgette, onion and mozzarella.

The website has a huge variety of both food and non-food products on offer, and the website layout means you can shop by aisle just like with regular online supermarket shopping.  Food product pages are full of useful information including loads of recipe suggestions.  There is a wide range of eco-friendly household cleaning products, a substantial baby range selling everything from homeopathic remedies for teething pain to gel-free disposable nappies, and a toiletries section featuring brands such as Weleda; Toms Nature; Ecover and Green People. 

If you care about the ethics of what you purchase, please take a look at the website. As they say themselves:

The health and well being haven; we gather together everything that is good for you. Healthy foods and tasty foods.

Delicious foods to help you eat healthily, fitness foods, organic foods, vitamins and herbal remedies, fresh foods, cruelty free toiletries and eco-friendly stuff.

If you are on a restricted diet don't feel left out, we have 1000's of foods for you, gluten free, wheat free, dairy free and other special diets foods.

Sample products were received in order to produce this review, however the views are entirely my own.


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