Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dressing kids ethically

Some things are important to me.  I care about how things I buy have been produced, about who has made them, about how the product affects the environment and about its carbon footprint.

Granted, having such principles doesn't come cheap, and I appreciate that when money's tight its too easy to be lured by bargain basement shops and supermarket clothing.  Although, don't assume that just because something is expensive it won't have been made in a sweat shop - high end designers and labels also fall foul.  As someone recently said to me "is it ok for your child to wear clothes that have been made by another child?"

It is important for me to research a company before I part with my pennies, and these days it is so much easier to do - most companies and retailers will display their policies on their website.

There are two online stores I've recently purchased from and I wanted to share my experiences.

Daisy Chain Baby have been trading for 2 years, and they sell organic and ethically sourced clothing, accessories and skincare for babies and toddlers.  You can read more about their ethical and eco policies here.   The business is passionate about what they do, and rightly deserve to be proud of what they've achieved.

In addition, the company will be donating 10% of sales to The Children's Trust charity, so every item you purchase from them between now and 31st December will be helping others.

I've purchased the following items from Daisy Chain Baby as Christmas presents, and am very happy with the design, quality and value for money - I can't wait to give these gifts.

Hoodie Wrap by Little Shrimp £24
Black Pacman Playsuit by Green Eyed Monster - £17

Long sleeved top by Little Green Radicals £12
If you'd like to find out more about Daisy Chain Baby, you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

The second company I'd like to tell you about are a new business worth looking out for. 

I stumbled across Small and Cool on twitter, had a look at their site and loved their items.  They stock brands with good ethical credentials such as Stardust Kids and Bamboo Baby.  Here's what I couldn't resist for my daughter:

Stardust Kids Drama Queen Hoodie £18

Take a look at their website, they have lots of cool kids clothes. Delivery is fast and service very friendly, and if you shop between now and Sunday 21st November you can get 10% discount using code cool10 at the checkout - there's also free delivery if you spend over £50, so a great excuse for a bit of online Christmas shopping!

Small and Cool are also on Twitter and Facebook. Give them a follow!


  1. I love Daisychain baby stuff. They are something a bit different!

  2. I absolutely love that hoodie! Gorgeous! I might drop by their shop later this eve :O)

  3. Love that pacman playsuit! Was on the lookout for something a bit different for my niece (although turned out she has plenty of clothes for now) so shall have to remember for her birthday.

  4. I love the hoody for my little drama queen. Great finds!

  5. A great post and something that is warm to my heart.