Monday, 8 November 2010

Baby Born Free - Twist N Pop straw cup review

Baby Born Free very kindly sent one of their BPA-free cups for Ruby to try out. I have to confess, I am a little late with the review We've tested it thoroughly and can declare it a total success!

Anything that can withstand daily use at the hands of my daughter who likes to throw, kick around and generally use and abuse things that are given to her has got to be worth a big thumbs up.

I'm not sure if it is officially dishwasher proof (as Daddy threw the instructions away!), but I've put it in with no ill effects. Unlike some other straw cups we have, the colour doesn't fade and it still looks good as new after a month of use. Some straw cups are hard to clean thoroughly especially after 'bitty' drinks like fresh fruit juice, but this one always comes out fine.

Ruby loved the fact that she could open and close it herself telling me "Mummy, the arrow means you have to go this way". Basically, as you twist the lid round, the straw pops up, turn it back again and it's covered and forms a complete seal. I can happily chuck this in my bag for trips out knowing we won't have any leaks.

The soft silicone straw is gentle on her mouth and I don't need to worry about her gouging the roof of her mouth or bashing her teeth and gums. There is no valve so it is easy for her to suck. The fact that the straw goes almost to the bottom of the cup (unlike some others) means that even if she tips it up like a normal cup, she can still drink from it - she sometimes does this with an open cup with a straw and ends up getting soaked!

It has a large capacity - 400mls which makes it great for trips out, but the container is shaped so it is easy for little hands to grasp.

Although at 2 and a half years, Ruby generally drinks from an open cup at mealtimes, she's such a live wire that she needs lidded beakers when playing at home - or I'd spend my entire life mopping up spills. The only negative is that if the cup is tipped over and left, there will be some spillage as there is no valve.  However, this is nothing compared to an entire cup of juice being knocked over (a frequent occurrence here!)  I guess that's the down-side of it being easy for little 'uns to drink from.

All in all, this is great for toddlers on the go, and brilliant for parents as you can rest assured that the product is free from harmful chemicals.  We love it!

It retails at £5.99. You can purchase the Twist N Pop online and in stores such as Mothercare, John Lewis and Boots.

This product was provided by BabyBornFree UK for the purpose of this review, however, the views given are entirely honest.

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