Tuesday, 24 January 2017

A Series Of Unfortunate Events - A Netflix Series Review

I wrote recently how we'd been hotly awaiting the new Netflix TV series after devouring the Lemony Snicket books - the passion for all things ASOUE is sweeping through Ruby's school like wildfire!

Like all Netflix series, it's had us hooked for the start and we're veering from wanting to binge on it and watch episodes back to back, to delaying the pleasure and holding back, not wanting it to be over.  We've so far watched seven of the eight episodes, which are based on the first four books in the author's collection.  As the books in total number thirteen, we're hoping and praying for more great instalments to come.

It's been really interesting to watch it alongside Ruby who has read the books - personally I've only experienced snippets when she allows me to read a chapter or so as her bedtime story, the rest of the time she's engrossed in them by herself.  She's noticing differences from the written work to the screen adaptation - not major plot changes, just subtle nuances changed I'm sure for cinematographic reasons, and it's shown me just how much she's taken in from the books.  I often wonder if she just skips through stories to get to the end, she's a fast reader, but this has given me confidence she has full comprehension of what she reads.

The screen adaptation is a joy to watch and something the whole family can indulge in.  There's plenty of comedy material the adults can enjoy - who would have thought grammatical discussions could be so entertaining, and it's crammed with suspense and action to keep the kids enthralled.

Following the turbulent lives of the Baudelaire children, we're taken on a fantastical journey with siblings Violet, Klaus and baby Sunny after their parents are killed in a mysterious fire.  Inheriting a fortune when Violet comes of age, this makes them a target for the unscrupulous Count Olaf who attempts to gain guardianship to swindle the money.

The engaging child characters I'm sure are the main appeal to the younger audiences.  Violet, a teenage girl has an astute mechanical mind and is adept at thinking up and producing mind-boggling inventions to get them out of scrapes.  Younger brother Klaus is an intellectual, always engrossed in books and able to research their way out of trouble.  But by far our favourite character is baby Sunny, the sharp-toothed infant who's skills lie in her ability to gnaw their way out of danger.  Her baby gurgles are translated as subtitles, showing her to be a very astute judge of character - her dialogue is hilarious and I'm constantly marvelling at the acting talent of one so young.

The deadpan delivery of narrator Patrick Warburton is just genius, and the evil villainy and extensive, hideous disguises of Count Olaf played by Neil Patrick Harris will have you booing like you're at a pantomime.

Having already read beyond book four in the set, Ruby knows there are lots more weirdly dark adventures to come and we can't wait for more instalments on our screen from this team.

Have you been watching?  All episodes in this 8-part series are available to watch now on Netflix.  We can thoroughly recommend reading the books alongside it too, it's really enhanced the watching experience.

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  1. We're on episode 7 and really enjoying it, I can't wait to read on further!

  2. I've not tried it yet but I keep seeing the trailers and so do the kids, so I don't expect it will be long! Mich x

  3. We absolutely loved ASOUE! We managed to binge watch it in 24 hours and we were gutted that there were no more to watch. Both of my girls are fighting over the books and begging me to buy the rest of the series as we can't wait to see what happens next!

  4. I haven't tried this yet but my son has and he says it is a great series, so I better introduce my girls to it. Mich x

  5. We have watched the series but not read the books. Really want to know what happens next so these are on my list! X