Monday, 8 August 2016

Homemade Face Masks, DIY Spa and 10 More Ideas to Keep the Kids Entertained Over the Holidays

Halfway in to the summer holidays and now is the time when I need some inspiration to keep my daughter occupied, and some budget ideas are always handy.

She's just decided she's going to try and stop biting her nails - a really big deal!  We went off to the pharmacy and bought some of that foul tasting paint on stuff which I remember using at around her age.  I was surprised they still make it to be honest, I'd have thought the health and safety brigade would have had it pulled, but there it was, still on the shelves.

In honour of this, I promised her a spa day at home and given the disappearance of the sun, it was great timing.  This was actually a bit of mummy genius, because it means we can justifiably spend all day lolling around in our dressing gowns, plus I get a little bit of pampering too!

First up, we raided the kitchen looking for supplies.  DIY face masks are really easy to make and you can use what you happen to have in the cupboard or fridge.  We settled on avocado and honey, but you could also use egg white, banana, strawberries, yoghurt, oatmeal etc etc.

We took half a large avocado and mashed it with a tablespoon of honey.  Then the green gloop was smoothed onto our faces while we relaxed for 10 minutes. Slices of cucumber on our eyes added to the 'spa' experience. Letting your young child slather this on to your face is a real exercise in trust!

I have to say, I'm going to make this again!  My skin felt amazing afterwards, so smooth and it glowed.  I'm wondering if there are enough avocados in the supermarket to make a mask for my entire body...

Next was a nice relaxing bath with a homemade bath bomb.  This is a great activity you could do the day before.  They are easy to make using bicarbonate of soda and olive oil, but you will need some citric acid from the chemist.

Body scrubs are simple to make too, again using store cupboard ingredients of oil and sugar, or you could make an oatmeal bath soak.

Some mutual nail painting and some relaxing meditation music in the background and hey presto, you've got through another day not just unscathed, but positively chilled.

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What are your plans for the rest of the holidays?


  1. This looks great fun, and thanks for all the other ideas too!

  2. i love your homemade spa day idea. if only i had a daughter lol - although to be fair my boys would probably enjoy making their own face mask and applying it. after all it would be messy and sticky fun! thank you for mentioning my recipe too xx

  3. Love this! My girls would enjoy mashing up the avocado as much as slapping it on my face!

    P.S Pretty toes!!

  4. This is absolutley perfect for my girls, they adore playing spas in the bath together, so we coudl take it one step further and maake some actual face packs etc. Mich x

  5. What a great idea for some relaxing and inexpensive pamper time. I am definitely trying that face mask!

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