Friday, 29 January 2016

Saving money on your pet costs

Let's face it, owning a pet can be expensive.  Vaccines, insurance, visits to the vet and routine products like flea treatments and worming tables can all mount up, yet we can't afford not to take preventative healthcare measures.

I mentioned recently that purchasing pet-care items online can be a savvy way of saving money, and now there's a great web store from the long-established and trusted name in pet products, Bob Martin.

On the Bob Martin Vetcare site you can save money not only on their own branded products, but on many others recommended by your veterinary practitioner such as Drontal, Advocate, Metacam and Frontline.

Offering a wide range of healthcare and wellbeing products for both cats and dogs, this could be your one-stop-shop for all those care items we need to buy when our pets get sick or need routine treatment.

Some products are only available with a vet's prescription, but they will still probably work out cheaper than purchasing them at your veterinary practice. Others can be purchased without prescription and include a range of worming treatment, flea treatments, ear cleaners, grooming products and training pads.

If you've not purchased prescription medication in this way, it's worth noting that your vet is legally obliged to issue you with a prescription if your pet requires treatment.  You do not have to purchase it directly through your practice if you can find a better deal elsewhere.  Some practices will charge you a nominal fee for issuing a prescription, others issue free of charge and some charge around £10.  But with savings of over 50% on some items on the Bob Martin Vetcare site, it could be well worth it.

Sending your prescription over is straightforward. You can do it by post, email or fax and there are full details on their site.

So let's take an example and see how much you could save:

Cerenia travel sickness tablets for dogs have a recommended retail price of £52.42.

Bob Martin Vetcare sell them at just £23.23.

Even paying £10 for a prescription to be issued by your vet, you are still saving £19.19.

Now, we have to look at postage costs.  They offer free p&p on orders over £25 or on any order including a Bob Martin branded product, so it's probably worth popping some poop bags, vitamins or shampoo into your basket, otherwise you pay £3 for delivery.

There are some exceptions to the discounted p&p costs, including bulky items and medicines which need to be refrigerated, and you can find out more here

Their Spring Grooming range smells lovely and we are trying out some of their coat cleaning wipes and no-rinse shampoo which are ideal for quick clean-ups at this wet and muddy time of the year.  They sent Delilah a lovely selection to try out - she was delighted with her mail which was serendipitously waiting for us after a particularly muddy walk! I can recommend popping some of these products into your basket.  The wet wipes are enriched with aloe vera and we've found them really handy for quick wipe-downs.

You can rest assured you're in good hands when ordering as Bob Martin is run by pet experts and pet owners and they work alongside the Veterinary Medicines Directorate as a licensed supplier of prescription and non-prescription medication. They also have a resident vet available to answer any queries or concerns you may have.

My advice would be to bear them in mind next time you visit your vet and do a quick comparison of costs on your mobile before you pay out in your practice.

Let me know about any money-saving you manage to achieve using the site!

Thank you Bob Martin Vetcare for Delilah's treats!


  1. Thanks Liz, I had no idea this was possible, I usually go to my chemist and purchase all my flea/worming (Bob Martin) tablets there and they do cost a little fortune. I'm going to look at Bob Martin Vetcare right now :) Thank you x

  2. I'll be recommending this to all the pet owners I know, Liz. Great tip for saving money on the essentials.

  3. So good to know, getting a pet is such a learning curve! Could not believe the cost of one medication Max had for achey legs and the calming meds for fireworks - made me explode!

  4. Great tips for pet-owners. Love the idea of the Spring Grooming set.

  5. Shall mention this to my Mum as she has a dog

  6. Keeping pets can be expensive, we had to take our dog t the vets the other week so finding products that are lower in cost but still good quality is important

  7. Aww Delilah looks like she loves her box of goodies!! I always buy our cat flea treatment and worming tablets online as it's so much cheaper than at the vets.

  8. This post is great! We have just got our first dog..... oh my i did not know dogs suffered from travel sickness!
    Thanks for all the great info. D is gorgeous xx

  9. My mum spends a fortune on her cat. I shall have to tell her to look online now.

  10. Aw doesn't Delilah look gorgeous. I don't own a pet, but buying healthcare online seems to make sense.

  11. That's interesting about the prescriptions, I hadn't realised that!

  12. I'd never thought of looking into this, it's really good to know, thanks!

  13. We don't have a pet but I will mention this to friends when vet or treatment costs pop up.xx

  14. You have just reminded me Alvin needs worming!

  15. good idea as vet products are often better than the ones you can buy else where

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