Monday, 14 December 2015

Eco-Friendly Stocking Fillers - Ten under £10

Are you still looking for a few last minute stocking-fillers for that hard-to-buy for eco-warrior in your life?  I've rounded up some of my favourite festive treats for those environmentally conscious folks.

Edible Shoe Cream from Po-Zu £7.50

Just because they care about the planet, doesn't mean they'll dress like Swampy. Eco-savvy can be stylish too and with this shoe cream they'll keep their natural leather footwear buffed and polished.  Because it's made from natural coconut oil, its use doesn't end at shoe shining.  It is certified organic, 100% edible, can be used as hair/beard wax; skin moisturiser; teeth whitener; hair conditioner or even spread on toast!

Recycled phone cover - £6.49

A stylish eco solution to protecting your phone, this cover is made from 100% recycled plastic and is impregnated with silver ions to reduce levels of bacteria keeping it naturally germ free!

Grandpa's Fire Fork- £3.95

An ingenious gift for outdoor lovers and campers, this device turns any stick into a toasting fork for campfire marshmallows, toast or bangers.

Cubed Earwax Fudge £5.00

For those with a sick sense of humour, this 'ear wax fudge' and other delights in the range including 'thickest human snot preserve' and 'salt made from the tears of anger' will tickle the taste buds too. Hoxton Street Monster Supplies make this fudge using traditional methods in copper pans over gas flames.  Profits go to support Ministry of Stories, a  voluntary organisation who work with young people aged 8-18 to mentor them and encourage them to write.

Bee Friendly Seeds - £2.89

Any greeny knows that one of the most pressing issues facing our planet is the decline of the bees.  This pack of seed can be grown to encourage and support bee life in our environment.  The seeds can be sown in gardens, open spaces or even a window box and are free from pesticides and insecticides.   100% British wildflower mix.

Oyster Mushroom Windowsill Kit - £9.99

What better way to reduce your food miles than growing you own.  This kit allows you to grow exotic oyster mushrooms on your kitchen windowsill, reducing reliance on supermarkets and excess packaging.

The Green Book - £9.99

Perfect for budding planet-savers this little book is packed with ideas of small, simple changes which will make a big difference.  It's American so there are lots of US references, but that same advice applies anywhere and there are interesting celebrity contributions from the likes of Robert Redford, Will Ferrell, Jennifer Aniston, Martha Stewart, and Justin Timberlake of all people.

Bamboo Thermal Mug - £4.99

Available in a huge range of designs to suit all tastes, this re-usable yet ultimately biodegradable cup will encourage users to ditch the plastic or polystyrene takeaway cups and drink their skinny soya latte with a clean conscience. 

Milk Chocolate Coins - £2

No stocking would be complete without some gold coins.  Although the true eco-warrior may be less than impressed with the excessive packaging of foil wrappers and netting, you can at least make sure they are ethically sourced and fairly traded like these from Divine. Find them in stockists nationwide including supermarkets, Lakeland, health food shops and online.

Catch Up Lessons for a Working Child - £10

For true anti-consumerist and ethical sorts, rather than buying more 'stuff' why not give a charity gift instead?  World Vision offer a few options at £10 including these education lessons for children who have to support their families during normal school hours, or 2 months supply of vital vitamins for a child or pregnant mother, or a blanket to provide vital warmth and comfort. Your gift will come with a card you can pass on to show what you've donated on your recipient's behalf.  Find out more at World Vision.


  1. Oh what a lovely collection... the earwax fudge sounds, ermmmm intriguing! Can vouch for the edible shoe cream... smells amazeballs - I use it as a moisturiser :)

  2. Fab selection. The edible shoe cream is intriguing. We bough geriatric jelly babies this week!

  3. I'm starting to think there is nothing that coconut oil cannot do! I already use it in my cooking and as a beauty product - I had no idea I could use it for shoe shine too!

  4. A great selection of goodies. It's hard to find eco product at low prices.

  5. I love the bee friendly seeds, something to look forward to in Spring :)

  6. These are all brilliant gift ideas - I particularly like the toasting fork and the edible show cream!

  7. Aha! I need a new phone cover and now I have found one. Lots of great ideas here. Edible shoe cream .

  8. Oh I really like that thermal mug! I could do with one like that to keep the caffeine flowing during my son's (early morning) karate class!

  9. Ooh I love these - that fire-fork is brilliant. What a great selection.

  10. What a great list - I love something that is a little different. Kaz x

  11. Some fabulous ideas here - I need a new phone case