Thursday, 15 January 2015

Recipe ideas for your leftover Christmas booze

'Leftover alcohol?' I hear you cry.  'What leftover alcohol?'

Well, bear with me, I'm sure we've all done it.  Picked up a bottle of Aunt Maud's favourite tipple in case she comes to visit over the festivities. Bought bottles of spirits you've never heard of, perhaps you've even got a cupboard full of Snowballs?

You can either leave them gathering dust in your drinks cabinet til next year(ooh get you with your drinks trolley), or you can get 'em open and slosh them into one of these delicious recipes.

Crunchy toasted almonds on top of moist boozy frangipane - what's not to love?

The perfect way to welcome the warmer seasons ahead of us, hints of elderflower, cucumber and gin make this a perfect combo from Cheetahs in My Shoes.

Woah, this is a seriously good looking cake from Belleau Kitchen.  Who doesn't have a bottle of Bailey's knocking about after Crimbo?  I can't think of a more delightful way to consume it.

If you're not man enough to drink vodka neat, how about adding it to this light, citrus cake for a grown-up teatime treat?

Dark and Stormy Cocktail Cupcakes

Using dark rum, these lightly spiced, gingery cupcakes from Fuss Free Flavours look devilishly good.

Bailey's Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

More Bailey's, this time in a rich cheesecake topped with chocolate orange segments from All You Need is Love and Cake (I say all you need is this cheesecake personally).

Bailey's Chocolate Cupcakes

Frugal Family has a whole post of ideas for leftover Bailey's cream, and just look at these glossy little babies!

Cranberry Vodka Muffins

If you're not quite ready to give up on Christmas yet, then these Cranberry infused vodka muffins are perfect - just not sure you'd get away with them for a healthy breakfast!  From The Crazy Kitchen.

Snowball Cupcakes with Advocaat Frosting

Remember those Snowballs I mentioned?  Well Diary of a Frugal Family turns that most peculiar drink into something altogether totally delectable looking.

Chocolate Choux Buns with Bailey's, Maltesers and White Chocolate Mousse

This recipe will not only use up your Bailey's but helpfully any leftover chocolate you may still have *whistles*.  A very grown up take on the traditional eclair from Mummy Mishaps.

Oreo and Bailey's Chocolate Petit Fours

Mummy Mishaps does it again with these divine little bites, so small you're surely allowed more?

And ya know, if you're looking for something to serve up with these beauties, you could do a lot worse than Mummy Mishaps' boozy ice cream.

If all this is getting a bit too unhealthy for you, how about piling on ALL of your five a day atop this super luxurious cake from Belleau Kitchen.  Yes, it's a 'summer' cake, but we all know we can get soft fruits all your round now.

If baking's not your bag, then you could try out these romantic Valentine's cocktails from The Ana Mum Diary.  Sure to get pulses racing!

And hold on to your Guinness for St Patrick's Day to make up these rich, moist cake pops with suitably green decorations.

Which is your favourite?  Have you got any half opened bottles lurking around?


  1. because we went away for Christmas we still have a full stock of christmas booze, wines, liquors and those awful sweet creamy things... my house is 100% proof! I love all these ideas and thanks for the links xx

  2. I have tonnes of booze left - I'll swap half a bottle of port for that cupboard full of snowballs!

    thanks for including mine

  3. oooooh what amazing recipes i am drooling!
    thank you for using mine :) xxx

  4. Well I have baileys, tia maria and sloe gin left over this year so I'm going to see what I can do with these ideas! Drooling!

  5. OOh some cracking ideas here Liz but I don't drink !

  6. oooh, genius ideas. Although we don't have any alcohol left ;-)

  7. These look so yummy! Ooooh puts hand up! I have two bottles on Becks some friends left - beer fondu is awesome!

  8. Becky could even have fondu as the alcohol burns off :)

  9. I want to make at least half of these - just need to head out to the shops to buy the alcohol (yes, there is no left over alcohol or chocolate at my place!)

  10. Oh my word! I am drooling at this little lot - what a great round up ;-) Thanks for including my cakes x x

  11. Some great ideas but I am firmly in the 'What leftover booze' camp! ;)
    Choux buns with Baileys? OH MY DAYS!

  12. oh yummy! I've had a search to see what we have left over and all the Bailey's has gone :( I'll have to buy some more now won't I? won't I? Yes! I've got loads of wine, sherry and brandy though, but lots of ideas from this post, particularly for a friends birthday cake coming up ;)

  13. I've a serious craving for cake right now, not a good thing since I'm trying to shed a few pounds! Some great recipe ideas in here!

  14. I was somewhat sceptical about the whole 'leftover alcohol' thing but the Amaretto Tart and Gin Sling Cupcakes have totally won me over.

  15. Fab collection of recipes. I see a Baileys theme emerging ;-) we have loads of alcohol leftover so this is really going to come in handy. Don't think I could possibly oik a favourite. Thanks for sharing!

  16. So many lovely ideas, wish I saw this post earlier. I'm gonna bookmark the page so I can use it next time :)