Monday, 8 December 2014

Littlest Pet Shop Play Sets Review

There was much excitement in our house when a huge bundle of Littles Pet Shop play sets arrived from Hasbro.  Ruby has quite a few of the figurines already - they make great pocket money toys - but we didn't have any of the larger toys or sets so this was like Christmas come early.

There are lots of different toys in the LPS Your World range, and they all aim to encourage imaginative play.  There's lots of opportunity to design the room sets your own way and customise them.
Watching the TV show or the new app for inspiration, or simply designing from your imagination, you can create your own little world of LPS buildings.
All the sets come flat packed and some adult assistance was required to make them up.  However, all three of the sets we had are assembled in broadly the same way, so once we'd mastered one it was fairly straightforward.
There are a huge amount of teeny tiny pieces so these toys are not suitable if you have young children around, and some of the parts would not hold up to boisterous or clumsy play - for example the scene backgrounds are card so you need to be a little careful handling them.  However, Ruby is playing with them respectfully as she loves them, so I expect them to last.
Blythe's Bedroom RRP £29.99

Blythe is the main character and can talk to animals.  She has a special relationship with all the little pets but is kind and caring to her human friends too.  She loves fashion and her bedroom is an extension of her fashionista style.  Arrange the furniture how you like, add stickers to customise or flip the background to turn it into a stage setting.

This set comes with over 90 different pieces as well as a Blythe doll and a Penny Ling pet figure.
We really liked the detail on this set with the little balcony front and window boxes.

Spa Style Set RRP £14.99

This set comes with Zoe Trent pet figure and lots of accessories to keep your Littlest Pets pampered and preened.  There's a shower and bath for grooming, scissors, hair drier and spray as well as a mirror for admiring the finished look you've created.  

As with the other sets, this stacks on top of others, or along side so you can create a whole town.  The roof lifts up so you can access either from above or through the front to play.

Treat Bar Style Set RRP £14.99
This set also comes with a Penny Ling character figure, but this time she's not so happy as she's spilt her ice cream!  

There are bar stools, a 'glass' display cabinet and lots of pet treats to display inside.
As with the other sets, the sides of the room are interchangeable and the background is reversible, so along with the stickers provided there's lots of opportunity to design it your way.


These sets have certainly kept Ruby occupied.  All of this past week she's got up in the morning and quietly played with them for an hour or so before coming downstairs - meaning these toys get bonus parent points for allowing lie-ins and unsupervised play!

I suspect there'll be a few more sets making their way onto her Christmas list now.

All the sets are recommended for children from 6 years.

Ruby's enjoying playing on the LPS app too.  There is supposed to be a way to scan your pets so you can play with them 'in-game' (the pets with a paw print symbol are scannable) however we haven't managed to find how to use this feature yet.  Perhaps you have to earn a certain amount of points before this feature is unlocked?  I'm not sure, so if anyone knows please let me know!

Overall the play sets were a big hit in this house.

Disclosure: We were sent the sets for the purposes of this review and a small fee for our time. All opinions are our own and the toys were tested by my daughter who is aged 6 3/4. 


  1. I love the Littlest Pet Shop. My girls have never been into it but I think they are awesome. I might get them to have a look at this and I suspect they may change their minds!!

  2. My Daughter would have loved this when she was younger, now she wants a real pet- a pug to be precise...well, when she gets her own house she can get one!! I know her little sisters (on her Dads side before you think I have secret daughters hidden away!) love The Littlest Pet Shop!

  3. These look super cute, fab Christmas presents. I love Ruby's glasses too, very stylish.

  4. Awww, that looks great, super cute!

  5. So glad I found this Lizzie - it's got Kitty written alllll over it!

  6. i cant afford an lps bcs it is expensive😥😥😭😭😭i had a lps before but i lost it so now my mom wouldn't buy me a lps toy again she was so angry what do i do..