Monday, 17 November 2014

The Stick Man Live Theatre Show Review

The live show of Stick Man is created by the renowned Scamp Theatre who were founded in 2003 by award-winning producers Jennifer Sutherland and Louise Callow, and they bring a range of theatrical live performance to audiences of all ages, with an increased focus on adaptation, particularly in children’s literature.

We are big fans of The Stick Man story by Julia Donaldson, so we were curious to see how it would be adapted for stage.  My daughter's also now 6 1/2 and possibly a little old for the storybook, so I was keen to know if it would still appeal.

I needn't have worried.  We were captivated from the very start and the belly laughs and guffaws were testament to how much she enjoyed it.

You can catch The Stick Man at both the Leicester Square Theatre in London and the St Andrew Square Theatre in Edinburgh from now until 4th January, and it makes the perfect Christmas treat -either as respite from the Christmas shopping, or a great family day out in the school holidays.


A three person show, it's fast paced and energetic.  Full of fabulous songs and music performed on stage with an enormous range of percussion instruments.  The tale of The Stick Man and his Stick Lady Love is brought to life with ingenious use of props - many of which, if you look carefully are everyday items and things you'd find around the house.

It's a really clever performance and for us the star of the show was Nancy Trotter Landry who plays the Stick Lady (as well as a host of other roles).  She has possibly the widest repertoire of facial expressions I've ever seen, which really help younger members of the audience follow the plot.

There's a good balance of audience participation, making it fun for those watching, without being overly 'pantomime'.  It was a joy to look round and see everyone's faces lit up, and totally enthralled in Stick Man's adventure, hoping he'd make it back to the Family Tree.


The show lasts for around an hour and will enthral audiences over a wide age range - including the adults!  Although booster seats were on offer for the children, my one criticism of the Leicester Square theatre would be that it didn't have tiered seating.  If you were unfortunate enough to be sat behind a large man with a large head, you'd have to crane your neck somewhat to see!

Check with the theatre, they're also offering a relaxed performance showing suitable for those that may benefit from a less formal environment, such as families with children with autism, sensory disorders or learning disabilities.

Overall, I'd thoroughly recommend it as a fun-filled family show.

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Booking details:

Leicester Square Tickets: £12 - £19.50 (Family tickets £50 - £60)
Box Office: 08448 733433 |

Edinburgh Tickets: £13-18.50 (Family tickets £56)
Box Office: 0844 545 8252 |

Disclosure: We were invited to a press performance for the purposes of this review.


  1. There's nothing better than theatre for children - we introduced our son to it at an early age and it surprised me how well behaved he was. I think he would have loved this production.

  2. Julia Donaldson can do no wrong in my eyes. And an hour sounds like the perfect length of time for a children's performance. I wish I had taken my three to the theatre more often as I love seeing things live.

  3. That sounds amazing!! I have never taken my daughter to the theatre but she would love something like this.

  4. How great you got to see it, it sounds so brilliant! Stick Man was (still is!) a favourite of my son's, I tried to pass the book on to someone else, but he wouldn't let me! :D

  5. Oh how I wish we would be able to see this, both Roo and Tigger love the book

  6. I love her books, but have never read this one. It looks like they have done it justice though - I wish I had little ones so i had an excuse to go see it!

  7. This looks fab - I would love to take my two to the theatre to see something like this x

  8. I think Syd would enjoy this - they just had a stick man week at pre-school and he loved making his own stick family!

  9. Shame about the tiered seating, otherwise it sounds fantastic. Love the costume, setting and props. It is incredible what only 3 people can do.

  10. This sounds about perfect for a child of your daughter's age and am sorry to have missed it. I think the Theatre is wonderful at any age and to introduce our kids young can only be a good thing. So pleased it's a great show :)

  11. Wow, how clever are those producers, writers and actors. How on earth do you come up with that idea? I love taking Kyd to the theatre, he would love this because it's quirky and lets face it, living with me means he HAS to like quirky or he'd go mad!

  12. Ooooh, we love Stick Man and this looks great!

  13. Glad it went down a storm, I love to hear them belly laughing. Mich x