Friday 30 November 2012

Enjoy your maternity in style

During pregnancy it is said a woman looks her most beautiful and the generic ‘glowing’ remarks start to fly. But if you have ever been pregnant you will know, you don’t feel too glowing every day, sometimes you just want to relax and be comfortable.

On those hard days, buying something for yourself and really getting dressed up can be a sure fire cure for the blues but for those of you out there finding it hard to get into the maternity style, here are some tips that suit everyone.

·     Hair – Having the perfect hair style every day can become a progressively hard task for mothers to be and is generally something that falls by the wayside especially in the latter stages of pregnancy. To make sure you always feel good about your shiny locks, it is a great idea, when you get to the mid-way stage when you feel your hair style may be slipping, to just go to the hairdressers. If you invest in a low maintenance yet really sleek and stylish look it can serve you through to the early stages of motherhood too.

·   Make-up – Thankfully, for most mothers, that glowing thing genuinely does apply. You will start craving more healthy foods and water which are generally good for your skin, with this; it means you can go for a more natural look. If you are not convinced, you should invest in some really nice make-up, you would be surprised at how much a simple product that costs a little more than the normal brand, can do for your complexion.

·    Clothes, shoes and accessories – When it comes to clothes, don’t stray too far from your normal style, yes you will have to make more purchases for your changing size but make sure you stick to what normally suits you. If there is a special occasion though, make sure you flaunt your new found curves and find fashionable maternity dresses on to compliment it. When it comes to shoes, it does have to be comfort over style unfortunately, so shelve those killer heels for the mean time and get some nice soft pumps.
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