Saturday, 9 June 2012

Monster Pet Supplies with a human touch

Being a blogger allows for some brilliant opportunities for myself and my family. Now even the dog is getting in on the act!

The lovely people at Monster Pet Supplies sent her a parcel full of treats to test out.  Beautifully packaged, it even came with a personalised letter.

Don't know about you, but I'D be happy with a parcel wrapped like this!

This was a very timely gift for Ella.  She's currently experiencing another phantom pregnancy and is feeling a bit blue and sorry for herself (check out the mopey puppy dog eyes!).  Myself and Ruby helped her open the package and read the letter, then it was up to her to put the products through their paces.

So, here's what she thought:

Baker's Joint Delicious Treats

These were by far her favourite.  That's said, she is a Labrador so by definition will eat ANYTHING.  She found them super tasty and was keen to review these often - but I'm a mean mummy and rationed her.

They contain Glucoasamine and vitamins E and C to help give flexibility to joints.  It's too early to say whether they are having any effect yet, but I hope they will help her old lady stiffness in the mornings.

Kong Squeezz Toy

We had a Kong for her when she was a puppy and I swear these saved my sanity - certainly they saved my furniture.  With her needle sharp puppy teeth she would gleefully gnaw through bookcases; shoes; dining tables; walls...

I don't really understand why Kong make these look so dubiously like 'adult toys' but there we go.

Gi'us a go!

She loves to gnaw on this and pop a treat inside and it will keep her occupied and out of mischief for hours.

Good Boy Beef Flavour Mighty Girder

I'm afraid to say she was fairly unmoved by this one.  She paid little attention to it besides taking it off to her bed and sticking it under her blanket.  I suspect that has more to do with her 'nesting' habits at the moment.  She's much more interested in soft toys than rubber ones (unless it has food inside like the Kong!).

We persevered though and found it made quite a good stick for her to chase and retrieve, and much safer too - no danger of splintering in her mouth.

All in all Ella was very happy with her tester mission and would like to say a huge thank you and sloppy lick to Monster Pet Supplies.

She says even if you're crazy enough to have a different kind of pet like a cat; a bird; a reptile or a small fluffy thing, go check out the website - there's something for everyone.

Disclosure: We were sent the goodies outlined above free of charge for the purpose of this review.  No financial reward was given and all views expressed are our own.


  1. Oh Ella, we've very sorry to see your sad, mopey eyes but we're really pleased that this box of goodies brightened you up a bit. Liz, thanks so much for getting Ella to review these products so brilliantly on behalf of Monster, we're very grateful and it's brilliant to get a big sloppy lick as thanks! :) Emma@Monster x

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