Monday, 1 August 2011

Magpie Monday - A Right Sew & Sew

Despite the total upheaval of the past week,  moving out of our house, packing everything into storage and moving in with my parents, I managed to sneak an hour to myself and nipped off to the local boot sale yesterday.

It was a joy to go on my own (apart from having to carry my own bags) as I got to mooch at my own pace and didn't have anyone turning their nose up when I ask "do you like this?"

Oddly all my purchases seemed to be sewing related. Here's what I snaffled...

Two Anchor cross stitch kits.  Ok, ok these are kids kits, but it's ages since I attempted cross stitch and I thought they'd look nice framed up for Ruby's room (when we eventually get settled).  They were a pound each.

Next I was somewhat over-excited to spot this Alexander Henry fabric and picked it up from the floor.  There's about a meter there. I've long since coveted this range of prints. Today I shot into town and bought the most basic of basic kid's shift dress patterns, so watch this space...

I asked the stall holder if she had any more fabric.  Yes she replied, but not like that.  "I've got loads of furnishing fabric over here in this bag". So I followed her over and picked up some lovely floral Laura Ashley. I could see another bit further down the bag to match, but quick as a flash a hand shot in and grabbed it!

The stall holder was quite taken aback, and clearly didn't know what to do.  I turned to the woman clutching the other matching curtain to her bosom and said "that matches this one I'm buying. It's part of a pair of curtains".  She clung grimly onto it.  So the seller asked if she was going to have it.  She replied, I'm just waiting to see what this (me) lady wants.

Pistols at dawn. A curtain stand-off.  I offered the seller a price for the two pieces of curtaining and the skull fabric, which she accepted, and triumphantly prised the material of the other woman's grasp!

A few stalls further down and I found another large piece of furnishing fabric with beautiful floral print.  Lovely roses and foxgloves I can't wait to turn this into something.

I also got a few more wooden spool cottons to add to my collection - when I remember where I put them.

Finally, this super-cool stand-alone button-holer. I've no idea if it works, but if it does it will be great because I don't have one on my machine.  It only cost £3 too.

Once I've fathomed the instructions, I'll try it out!

So, what have you been buying this week?

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  1. Love your finds this week Liz, especially the fabrics...Gorgeous! x

  2. Great finds - and I love that skull fabric - so unusual x

  3. I too am in love with Alexander Henry fabric! And what a nifty little button holer thingy that is! I could do with one of those! x

  4. great finds and love the alexander henry fabric ive been eyeing some of his fabrics up on ebay lately ;)
    Will post up a quick magpie monday just a couple of small ebay buys this week but may aswell join in hehe x

  5. wow, Liz! You really have an eye for fabrics! Gorgeous!

  6. Wow, you did great Liz, and I love the curtain stand-off, and that you won it - that's my girl!

  7. Can you believe that I have *never* been to a carboot sale!! Can't believe the rudeness of the other woman re the fabric. Is that kind of behaviour standard at car boots??

  8. Haha Vanessa - it's not for the faint-hearted that's for sure! x

  9. oooh, nothing like a good mooch on your own. Can't imagine you snatching material from another woman ! ha!
    I have a dress in my shop in that pink sugar skull alexander henry, I LOVE IT ! xx

  10. Loads of fab finds! Love the cross stitch.

  11. I do love the A.H. skulls. Makes me want to do some fabric shopping myself, as if my stash needs fattening.
    How wonderful that you had a spot of time to yourself on a car boot day no less. Even tho you did not bring along a nagging voice you found one in another fabric stealing woman.
    Stand your ground!

  12. Love all of your buys, I will join in next week, I keep meaning too but always forget.

  13. Love the sugar skull design fabric! I'm making a needle holder in a similar vein, only out of felt. Haven't linked up a magpie post this week, but I have just finished a bonkers Ebay one.


  14. You made some great the Laura Ashley prints! Thanks for hosting the party even though you've had so much going on!!! :)

  15. So glad you're still Magpie-ing despite the upheaval, am COVETING muchly the Day Of The Dead Skulls, would love a find like that!! x

  16. Wow - you got a fabulous haul at the boot sale. I'm particularly coveting the Russian Doll cross-stitch kit and the fantastic Laura Ashley curtains. Glad you held your nerve and managed to get both of them.

  17. I'm not sure whether to be more jealous of the cross stitch kits or the Day Of The Dead skulls. I'd do nothing with the fabric except look at it lovingly, but I *want* it so much!

  18. haha ... reminds me of Monica and the wedding dress (friends)
    Maria xx

  19. That Mexican skull fabric is brilliant. I think my favourite find is that little button hole maker thingy though, packing wins it for me!

  20. Lovely finds and nice to see a theme going on there too. Love the curtains story and how you won out and so you should as a seasoned bargain hunter. Love all the fabrics but especially the first one. Am sure I am not practical enough to ever know how to use that button hole thing. Will link up later today if that's OK.
    Good Luck with all the housemoving drama.