Wednesday 15 May 2013

How to make simple felt mice

These little chaps are so quick and easy to make that they're breeding like nobody's business in our house.

Felt is such a great material to work with.  It's cheap; it cuts easily; holds it's shape; doesn't fray; can be glued or sewn and comes in a huge array of colours.

Watch the craft hangout video below for loads more cool idea and felt crafts.

To make the mice you will need:

Felt scraps
Embroidery thread
Buttons or beads for eyes (optional)
Stuffing - poly-fill toy stuffing or use cotton wool.

For each mouse you will need one large circle of felt and two smaller ones.  I drew around a cup for the body and a 2p coin for the ears, but make them whatever size you want.

Ruby managed to sew a couple herself, they are that simple.  She needed a little guidance, but this was a great project for her first proper sewing with a real needle.  For an adult, you can knock one of these up in 5 minutes.

Fold the large circle in half and stitch around the edge, stopping about halfway to stuff with filling.  Then continue sewing to the end, tie a knot and leave a length of thread for the tail.

Next, sew on some eyes, either using small buttons/beads or just with knots. Take the smaller circles and pinch to form the ear shape then sew one each side.

In the video, Maggy shares her felt strawberries and doughnuts; Christmas decorations and pine cone fairies.  Ali from Kids Chaos makes some great character finger puppets - love the Yoda! And Anthea from Zing Zing Tree makes some beautiful felt flowers and pinwheels which can be used for jewellery; hair accessories and gift wrapping embellishments.

What's your favourite felt craft?


  1. We LOVED your mice Liz, amazing sewing skills, is she five??!

    1. Thank you Ali! Yep, she's 5, she did really really well although I did need to guide her quite a bit. x

  2. Aww those are so cute. Must try those with the boys x

  3. Gawgeous. Such a fabulous idea.

  4. Love these. Definitely something to pick up in the Summer Hols. Well dome Mini you. Excellent sewing

  5. Love them; great 4 kids

  6. These are soooo cute! I am going to teach my brownies how to make these for their toymaker badge. Thank u!