Tuesday, 12 October 2010

A warm welcome at House of Baby


Mamas & Papas special event weekend 
Saturday 30th October and Sunday 31st October.

There will be an experienced Mamas & Papas representative on site for the whole weekend.
As well as their regular Mamas and Papas offers will be running, there will also be some extra exclusives.  Plus a special free prize draw to win a M&P Luxury Rocking Animal.  Come and join the fun!

 A couple of weeks ago I visited House of Baby, the baby superstore based in Bedford, and I have to say I was mightily impressed. We went specifically for a special Stokke weekend they were running, but I couldn't resist having a nose around while I was there.

We had been to the unit a few years ago before Ruby came along. In those days they were owned by another company, and I have to say the transformation at the store is incredible.

 Clean, bright and airy with eye-catching displays of everything you could possibly need (or want) for your baby or toddler. Stocking an impressive list of brands including Stokke, Phil and Ted, Mamas & Papas, Quinny, Silver Cross, Avent, Bloom, Hippy Chick and many many more.

Spread over 2 floors, unlike some baby stores they do offer a lift. I can't tell you how annoyed I get when shops put baby products upstairs and don't have a lift - how are you supposed to get up there with a buggy? I loved the nursery room layouts, they were so beautifully displayed and so peaceful and tranquil that Daddy nearly fell asleep in one of the nursing chairs!

The array of prams and buggies is awesome, but so is the knowledge and advice offered by the friendly dedicated team of staff. They are happy to let you have a 'road-test' of the buggies, and not just on their lovely polished floor like some shops. No, here you can actually take them outside into the car park and get a true idea of how they feel in the real world, how they handle curbs and different surfaces. Its great to be able to see all the buggies together and compare them in the flesh rather than just on the pages of a catalogue. You can see which ones are a comfortable height, how heavy they are, how easy to fold, whether they'd fit into your boot etc.

If the shopping all gets a bit much, they also have a rather nice coffee shop upstairs, again all kitted out for children, with drawing tables, highchairs and Bumbo seats.

You get a sense that this business is a real part of the community. They had recently participated in the MacMillan Coffee morning, and staff tell me that they have regular groups who meet in their cafe including a NCT ante-natal group.

House of Baby also offer a personal shopper, and you can book a one-to-one consultation - invaluable to new parents who haven't got a clue where to start! They offer essentials to suit a whole range of budgets, and their product knowledge is superb.

I was very interested to hear the staff talk about car seat safety and it is clearly a subject they are passionate about.  They will advise on the best model to suit your needs and your car, and if you buy in store will make sure it's fitted correctly before you leave.

If you can't get to their store in Bedford, then don't worry - they are online too. You can order all the products via the web with free delivery to UK mainland addresses, and they even offer a one hour delivery slot with a text message confirmation. The website is easy to navigate, the only trouble you might have is deciding which lovely products to buy. I have my eye on this fantastic child's art table from Bloom, and am trying to justify purchasing it on the grounds that it would double up as a cool coffee table!

House of Baby are also on Twitter - give them a follow and say Hi!

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  1. Very thorough, interesting review. I think it's fabulous that they let you road test the buggies, not everywhere would let you do that. That table is lush too, I want one! (for the kids of course, not for me...)