Sunday, 3 October 2010

Grooving with the Zingzillas

We recently received a pre-release copy of the new Zingzillas album to review (big thanks to Louise from Rock Baby World).

The Zingzillas for those of you who have been living under a rock* / are imaginative enough to entertain your kids without the aid of cbeebies* (delete as applicable) are a bunch of melody-mad monkey musicians, who live on a tropical island and spend their time practising for their daily 'Big Zing Performance'.  They are influenced by their visiting guests and embrace all genres of music, introducing their pre-school audience to sounds as diverse as opera and bhangra.

So, as soon as Ruby had shredded the jiffy envelope and revealed the CD, I popped it into the DVD player. Now, at this point I should admit that we don't actually possess a CD player (apart from the one in the car).  Before anyone reports me to the authorities, I should explain that Daddy is a big vinyl fan, so listening and dancing to crackly sounding Blondie and The Jam is what our daughter is used to.

So, back to the CD playing through the telly.  This caused some confusion to Ruby as she knew instantly from the sound of the theme tune that is was the Zingzillas, but she moaned that there were no pictures!  Once she realised and accepted that it was just music, we quickly got into it and soon we were both bopping around the living room.  Even the dog pricked up her ears and got up on her back legs to dance with me too.  It struck me as a great way to let off steam on those cold and rainy days when we don't brave it out of the house.

There are 26 songs on the album, which I have to say is rather too many for the average attention span of a 2 and a half year old.  Although I suspect it will be a godsend on our next long journey in the car.  It's a great CD to put on in the background, and we listened to it all the way through whilst in the kitchen baking together.  In fact, a couple of times Ruby has been down for her nap for at least 20 minutes before I've realised it's still playing, and I've caught myself subconsciously humming along to the tunes!

Our favourites are 'Welcome to the Island' and 'Bhangra Beat' and I have to say 'Playing together makes it Twice as Fun' is annoyingly catchy, and one of those that gets totally stuck in your head.  Just like the TV programme, the album features renowned guests from the grown-up music world such as Dame Cleo Lane, Julian Lloyd-Webber, Sir James Galway and Evelyn Glennie.

The album is on general release from Monday 4th October and is available on CD and digital download priced at £9.99.

This product was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of reviewing.

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