Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Don't fence me in - imaginative play time

Finally my daughter is beginning to enjoy playing on her own!  Clearly this is a bit of a relief to me as it means I don't have to entertain her 24-7, but it is also important for her development I believe.

She has never been one to sit quietly by herself and play with toys, and I seem to have spent the last 2 years on my knees playing on the floor with her, so for the sake of my poor old joints I am rather pleased by this new development.

Earlier today, in that time after lunch and before her nap (when she's usually little miss cranky-pants), she got out some of her farm animals from the toy box.  She seemed quite content to play with them herself, so I nipped off and tidied away the debris from lunch.

This is what I found when I returned.

I thought it was so sweet, and when I asked what she'd been up to she replied "I have put all the animals in their fields Mummy".  Aww how cute!

Yesterday morning, when she was in the shower, I could hear her chattering away to herself.  She still gets quite self-conscious if she thinks I'm listening to her play and clams up all embarrassed.  But I peeked around the curtain and saw she had lined up all her toys in the bath and they were having a 'tea party'.  She'd even made a 'sandwich' from 2 sponges and was feeding it to her rubber ducks.

I love to hear her chatting away lost in her own imagination - I just have to find a way to do it so she doesn't know I'm listening.  x


  1. Awwwwe, that reminds me of when a certain little person was that age (mentioning no names) she used to do things just like that, and loved to sort her toys out in her own logical order. Just switting and enjoying those memories of such a lovely time of my life x

  2. Thanks Liz, yes I must remember all the lovely bits. Its hard not to get bogged down by the sleepless nights and temper tantrums, but to enjoy the special moments. x

  3. Isn't that too cute??! I love it when they start playing by themselves... Red Ted sometimes reads his book to his bunny. Gorgeous :-)

    And love how you "give her privacy" to play!!


  4. Lovely memories...great now you you have a blog so you can look back at all her different stages. I remember catching my now 8 yr old in the bath playing and chatting to herself - its lovely. I once heard her Baptising bath toys!

  5. It's lovely that little one is now developing this little bit of independence and her imagination is developing, also allowing you a little more time to do different things.

    Such cute memories to treasure as your little one grows up and is nurturing her own personality :)

    Love Laura xxx