Thursday 17 October 2013

Decorating pumpkins with leaves

I know, I've gone pumpkin crazy lately - hold onto your hats because there's more to come too!  I just can't help it, I think I'm obsessed with pumpkins.

Our recent craft hangout hosted by Red Ted Art was all about leaves, so I knew I wanted to decorate a pumpkin or two with the beautiful leaves that we collect on our ambles home from school.  It's the best time of the day, strolling along, hand in hand (when I can get her off her scooter), chatting about her day and picking up interesting coloured leaves.

I think they make beautiful, seasonal decorations, they're not Halloween specific, but are a reflection of nature at this time of year.

You will need:

Selection of seasonal leaves (try to get the thinner varieties than the really thick ones)
PVA white glue watered down a little (or Mod Podge)
(We also found that a glue gun was helpful in securing them down first, before 'varnishing' over)

I'll fully admit we rushed this project a bit so it didn't turn out perfect.  We will do it again and next time we will try to pick smaller leaves as they worked best, and we'll also flatten them out for a few days between newspaper and some heavy books.  We did find they had a tendency to spring back to their natural curved shape before the glue dried, hence glue gunning them down.

We spent quite some time just playing around with the leaves first.  Examining their shades and texture, sorting them into size or colour order.  Once we'd decided where we wanted them to go, it was simply a case of glueing them to the pumpkin and then painting over with the white glue.

Remember to paint all over and not just on the leaf part as it gives a really lovely glossy sheen to the pumpkin.  Leave to dry and do a second coat if you can.

Admire your pretty pumpkins.

For more lovely leaf crafting ideas, take a look at the video and links below.

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And for more Autumn activities and craft ideas, visit the Forestry Commission's Autumn page.

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  1. And from this day on they called her The Pumpkin Queen.... ;)

  2. ooooh they look fantastic! We've just been out collecting leaves actually :-)

  3. Wow, they looks great. I love pumpkins. I really want to go back to the pumpkin farm again this year. xx

    1. Pumpkin Farm?! Sounds like my kinda place.

  4. They do look lovely, I like that they are not just for Halloween. A great reminder to make the most of the season too!

  5. Oooh these look amazing, with all the different varieties of leaves falling at the moment this would make the perfect crafting afternoon

    1. We had such a lovely time making them, right from picking the leaves up, to admiring the end result! x

  6. ooooh i love this Lizzie what a clever idea! my two would adore this activity and i love collectign leaves so a win win win! x
    off to pin this

  7. They look so beautiful! Will definitely give this a go. Am pinning to my Halloween board :)

  8. These are so beautiful. I love them and featured on The Sunday Showcase.