Monday, 22 August 2011

Magpie Monday - temporary move

As you know, I'm in the middle of a particularly nightmarish house move.

Our house fell through when the vendors decided to pull out of their purchase, but we continued with our sale hoping the vendors would find an alternative house. They didn't!  This effectively turned us into nomads, staying with various family members, with our belongings scattered across the county.

Needless to say Ruby isn't adapting well to this change and is being...what shall we say...demanding?!

Because I'm in such a pickle I haven't been able to blog or tweet for a while.

The lovely Molly and the Princess has offered to help me out and host Magpie Monday for me this week. Thank you, thank you.  Please head over there this week and link-up.

When I eventually get back on my feet, I'd love to find Magpie Monday still going strong.

I'm also on holiday next week, so if anyone fancies volunteering to host next Monday, please let me know.

That just leaves me to announce the winner of my blog birthday Magpie Monday giveaway.  Thanks for all your entries, Mr Random Generator has chosen the gorgeous Dotty Maria as the winner of the Flea Market Finds Journal.  I hope you enjoy using it Maria. x


  1. would love to help out by hosting - might actually kick me into joining in. Of course, if one of your regular participants wants to, that's fine, but know that I'm here as a backup :)

  2. I'm happy to host next week too Liz, as I have the linky set up now - but I won't be as good a host as you as I won't be able to comment much on posts in the day.
    So sorry you are having such a difficult time of it - it's so tough not having your own home and space.
    Finally, well done to Dotty Maria on her Flea Market Finds Journal win - she'll love that I think.
    Best wishes xxx Moll xxx

  3. Oh no, have gathered you're having a bit of a nightmare - fingers crossed you that you're back in a house of your own very soon. I'd be happy to help out other weeks, but I'm also away (house hunting!) next Monday. Do give me a shout though if you need, I have figured out linky posts after doing one last week to showcase all the swaps.

    Well done to Dotty Maria, I am heading over to Molly and the Princess now.

  4. Oh no! Hope you find somewhere soon and that Ruby finds her nomad streak. Good luck xxx

  5. oooh thank you soooo much ... I never win anything so I am so excited!
    I hope you house-nightmare sorts its self out xx
    Maria xx

  6. Sounds like a very stressful time for you all hope everything falls into place soon and in the meantime try and have a relaxing holiday x

  7. I hope you find somewhere soon. It will pass. Then it will be history and you will look back on it.Enjoy your holiday.

  8. What a nightmare, hope everything sorts itself out soon.

    I would love to host Magpie Monday next week - it's my favourite post of the week!

  9. Oh my, how stressful! Wishing you a speedy home situation. xx

  10. oh sweetie, what a nightmare. Totally understand and sympathise with you. Been there, done that and all that stuff. Hope it all sorts itself out soon.
    Would offer to host next week but looks like you have already had plenty of offers.
    Didn't join in this week as had no treasures to share !! shock ! horror! xx

  11. I've had to take a couple of weeks off as I've been spending all my time getting the car fixed rather than bargain hunting. My thoughts are with you & your housing nightmare, here's hoping it'll all be settled soon and you can get back to normality. xx

  12. Hope it all sorts itself out soon. Have a great holiday - you deserve it.

  13. Hope you managed to enjoy your hols, I must say I've missed you on Twitter and hope you get a new nest soon so you can tweet and swoop on sparkly things from charity shops and showcase them soon. x