Monday, 6 September 2010

Yummy Dresses from Bread & Jam

Bread and Jam have just launched their Autumn/Winter collection and I have a special discount for you!

If you knew how many hours I've spent fighting Blogger and cursing my virus-ridden, wind-up, clapped out laptop, then you'd realise how much I've sweated to bring you this post! Fear not though, shiny new pink laptop campaign is well underway. Anyhow, I digress...

Lovebirds Pick-a-pocket dress (£29)

For those that have not had the pleasure before, Bread and Jam sell simply gorgeous dresses for little girls (aged 2-8). They feature beautiful fabrics and classic timeless styles, giving you clothes you'll want your kids to wear everyday.

And that's just the point. These dresses are not meant to be saved for best. They are designed to be played in and lived in. Incredibly versatile, these dresses can be worn alone in the summer with a pair of sandals or Crocs, or teamed with woolly tights and a long-sleeved jersey when the weather is cooler.

I love the style of these dresses. Ruby is a bit of a chunky monkey, but the design disguises her 'full-fat-milk belly' very well (she inherits her pot from her daddy!!).

Ruby (and random sheep) wearing Climbing Green Runaway dress (£25)

Dressing girls can be tricky. Clothes tend to fall into one of two camps: it's either glitzy; logo'd; diamante encrusted mini-wag high fashion or frilly; girly; lacy; baby-pink froth. This is where I think this company is so different. They offer stylish, yet practical clothing for today's girls.

Bread and Jam is a British company, set up and run by Lisa Swerling and Sofia Dyson. Lisa says:

"Bread and Jam is still very much a cottage industry, although we try to get mentions in the papers, we rely very much on word of mouth to grow. Luckily our dresses are our best advertising and we love to hear from mums who have other mums asking where their adorable dresses are from".

You can tell these ladies have a passion for beautiful prints and design. The website has two styles of dress to choose from : The Runaway which is a simple, cotton shift-style in stunning prints with a contrasting hem and finished with a velour ribbon trim, and the Pick-a-pocket, a pinafore dress in 100% cotton fine needlecord, fully lined and features a contrast patterned patch pocket.

Ruby owns several Bread and Jam dresses, and I can personally vouch for the quality of these garments, even after many washes. Also (importantly for someone who loathes ironing) they press well and always come up good as new.

Ruby wearing Butter Blue Runaway dress (£25)

The very special thing about these dresses is that they are made in limited numbers. I love this because it means you are unlikely to see someone else wearing one the same. Every time Ruby wears one of hers we are sure to get admiring looks and asked where we bought it from. However, it does mean if you spot a dress in the right size and in a print you love you should snap it up - they sell out fast!

Take a look at their website here. It is a joy to navigate, has beautiful photos of the dresses, a great zoom function so you can see all the detail, and a handy sizing guide. Also, you really must sign up for their newsletter - from this month subscribers will be notified first of super-limited edition dresses. You'll also be the first to know about end of season sales and other offers.

I have a very special, exclusive discount code for my lovely blog readers. Yes indeedy, it's time to stock up, get some early Christmas pressies lined up or treat the little lady in your life. For one week only (expired 14th Sep) when you enter code MUMSWEEK2010 you will receive £5 off when you purchase 2 or more dresses of either style.

Best get my order in quick before you lot nab them all x

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