Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Potty Training on the go - My Carry Potty

Potty training has been ongoing for a little while now in our house.  Ruby is pretty much there now, after we spent most of the summer with her running around at home with nothing on!

I was asked to review the My Carry Potty a few weeks back, and as soon as it arrived I thought "I wish I'd had this weeks ago!"

Potty training at home has been fairly straightforward, with a few minor exceptions, but it was the prospect of leaving the confines of our home during this transition period that filled me with dread. We even put it off until after our holiday, I just couldn't cope with airports, long car journeys and little 'accidents'.  If only we'd had this product...

Made from durable plastic, with a vacuum sealing lid it can be used anywhere - no worrying about where the next toilet is. I have to admit, we barely went out of the house while she was learning to do without nappies. It was like being heavily pregnant again - always having one eye out for where the next loo is.

With My Carry Potty we've been able to have much more relaxed trips to the park, long walks in the woods and long car journeys without worrying she'll be caught short.  When the potty first arrived, although Ruby liked the look of it right away and was happy to carry it around, she didn't actually use it for ages (I suspect there was a little bit of stage fright. Having reviewed a few products, I think she feels now everytime I give her something new I'm going to whip my camera out and upload it onto the t'interweb!)

However, it was worth its weight in gold even in those first few days where she didn't use it. You see it's the freedom it gives you as a parent that I like most about it.  No more rushing from one place to the next for fear she'll shout "Mummy!! I need a wee!!!!", no more carrying potties around in carrier bags, no more panicking about what to do if she actually used the potty at the bus stop...where do you empty it?

Eventually, she did overcome her shyness, and we have used it in transit. At the park, in a lay-by, in a not-too-clean public loo.  Previously, if we had been at the park and she needed to go to the toilet, that would have been the end of playtime as we rushed home to get to the toilet. Now, she can break off, use her My Carry Potty and carry on.

The vacuum seal works very well, and kept everyting contained until we got home.  It is easy to clean, lightweight and comfortable for her to use.

The only suggestion that Ruby has is that she'd like wheels on it! She keeps trying to pull it along behind her like a wheelie suitcase.

It is truly an excellent product, and one of those 'why didn't anyone think of this sooner' ideas.

For more information about stockists, and the product itself, see the My Carry Potty website

This product was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of reviewing.

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  1. I've just come across this product and it looks very good, great review. I will be looking to stock this in my store.