Wednesday 5 February 2014

Pea & Ham Fritters - Easy teatime treat or lunchbox filler

I've always got eggs and milk in the fridge so this is a great fallback recipe to whip up a tasty brunch or after-school tea.  Pile them high, hot out of the pan and serve with a dollop of creme fresh and let everyone tuck in.

They're also great cold in lunchboxes instead of sandwiches.  You can even use cookie cutters to make them into fun shapes after you've cooked them. I often keep back a little of the Yorkshire Pudding batter on a Sunday to make a couple for Monday's lunchbox.

When I was at school doing my A Levels, I would regularly hang out at a friend's house and our snack of choice would be sweetcorn fritters - made the same way but with a tin of sweetcorn.  We'd knock up a huge batch and plough our way through them while avoiding revision!

This recipe is great if you're on a budget as it can easily be adapted to whatever leftovers you have - use frozen peas, tinned corn, bacon, ham, chorizo, even leftover cooked veg like broccoli goes well.


1 egg
75 plain white flour
75ml milk
pinch salt
1/2 cup defrosted frozen peas (I fill the cup with boiling water for a few mins to defrost)
2 slices of cooked ham, chopped

Mix up the batter (egg, milk, flour and salt) thoroughly and get rid of any lumps.

Add in the extra ingredients and stir in.

Heat some oil in a frying pan until smoking hot.

Ladle in a spoonful and wait until the edges are firm and golden before flipping over.  They should only take a couple of minutes on each side.

Drain on kitchen paper before serving.

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  1. I even have leftover ham in the fridge that I need to use up!! Guess what we'll be having for tea tonight. Thank you ;-)

  2. These took me right back to my childhood when we had them with (delicious) spam! Great new idea to try, thank you :) x

  3. I love sweetcorn fritters with sweet chilli sauce, yummy!

  4. We make a similar version from the Cranks cook book - with sweetcorn and cottage cheese - completely agree - totally yummy!

  5. They look yummy Liz. I guess I could try with coconut flour for a wheat-free version. Your photographs are lovely, I really need to learn how to take good snaps of food - my concentration is more focused on getting the grub in my mouth than a good snap ;)

  6. I think my very fussy children might actually like these. Great idea. Commenting for myself and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

  7. ooh they look really posh (and easy) I might try them with some smoked salmon too - great packed lunch idea!

  8. Love this idea, I am always on the hunt for egg recipes x

  9. They look delicious, I'm a veggie but I can see that it would work really well with plenty of veg in too. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh absolutely, easy to do veggie - I do them just with peas sometimes. Be nice with some mint yoghurt.

  10. Ooh, can I come for tea, please?!

  11. I could leave the ham out and make these veggie very easily! :-)

  12. They look yummy! Can I substitute the white flour as it doesn't agree with me .....?

  13. Really great idea. Will be adding them to my list if new things to try x

  14. ooooh how yummy! thanks for making me feel hungry again x