Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Light up your Christmas with John Lewis

For me, Christmas doesn't properly start until the decorations are up at home.

We always have a big, real tree up in the front room window and a wreath on the front door, but we've never really decorated outside before.

There's a few reasons for this.  Mainly, a lot of outdoor lights look tacky to me - I don't want giant inflatable Santas scaling my walls, or millions of coloured flashing lights glowing like a beacon from my front hedge.  I also worry about the waste of energy such electric decorations use.  There are also practical problems too...how and where will I plug them in?  Will they get stolen from my front garden?

However, John Lewis have sent me an outdoor decoration that meets all of my criteria, and I'm now sold on outdoor lights - much to my daughter's delight!

The LED Reindeer light is stylish enough for me to approve of, and cute enough for my daughter to love.  It gives off a very bright white light, making it glow welcomingly at our porch.  The LED lights use 75% less energy than conventional bulbs, and as it's plugged in inside we can easily switch it on and off - it's typically on from dusk to bedtime.

The extra thin and flat electric cable fits neatly through my sash window, allowing us to close and lock the window on it - no security or loss of heating concerns.

We love Randy (yeah - so we named him!), although Ruby is desperate to fashion a red nose for him and turn him into Rudolph!

John Lewis have a huge array of both indoor and outdoor lights this Christmas to suit every taste.  I'm quite taken by this pre-lit house.  I think it would look stunning on the mantelpiece.

So, what's your view on outdoor lights?  The more the merrier or subtle and discreet?

Disclosure: We were sent the LED reindeer and a set of tree lights for the purposes of this review.  All views and opinions are my own.


  1. wow!!! i really like these lighting decorations. These kinds of
    christmas decortions are very rare!.

  2. Oh wow- you may have changed my opinion of outdoor lights too. Love that the lights are designed with home security in mind yet they still look stylish. Must look out for some in the New Year sales :)

  3. That's so pretty! I would be afraid of someone coming round and nicking it though...

    1. It's very pretty! We've positioned him right outside our front door and we close our gates at night so hopefully he'll be safe. I think Ruby would be devastated if he went missing!

  4. oooooooh i like that too! as you say not too OTT or garish but kind of sophisticated actually!! i can see why Ruby loves it my two would aswell x

  5. Ooo I am more of a simple strand of fairy lights on the bay tree type of girl - but my kids LOVE the house over the road that's all lit up with all manner of stars and Santas! Love that reindeer!

  6. Seriously? I am jealous. I want a reindeer like that!!! Me me me!

  7. I have never been a huge fan of outside lights but an outside reindeer looks kinda cool!!
    You may have converted me!!

  8. Living two floors up doesn't give us much scope for outdoor lighting.I've misplaced our lights in the depths of the landing 'shed', so I'll be buying another set this year.I don't think it's the same without a little lighting.

  9. I think the same as you, but in saying that I am starting to think about getting a reindeer for outside. Is he difficult to store for the rest of the year?

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