Sunday 10 June 2012

Magpie Monday - Garden Party

We had planned to have our little jubilee celebrations in the garden last weekend but the British weather did what it does best so we reverted to plan b.

Ruby was promised her garden party so we simply brought it indoors, parasol and all.

If I'm honest it was mainly because I'd worked so damn hard refurbishing it ready for the weekend, I didn't want it to go to waste!

The wooden table and chairs were rubbed down and painted with Cuprinol garden shades.  A pig of a job because of the slats, it took me three days.

The table and chairs, along with another parasol and cast iron base came via eBay and cost me about £40. The Old Man reckons I paid too much, moaning that we could have got a new one for that price.  Not sure what planet he's on, because I've been looking for new at garden centres and just a pukka parasol like this one will set you back about £70.

Here's what they looked like before.

A few weeks back I'd spotted a pink parasol at a car boot.  I've always wanted one of those beaded parasols and thought this would make a great project for me.  With the words "NO WAY" coming from somewhere vaguely familiar, I dashed off and asked the seller how much she wanted.  To my glee she only wanted a quid for it, so I asked her to take the cash quick before my partner saw.  This she did, then pointed out the fatal flaw in my plan - how was I going to hide a full size parasol from him??  Hmm, too late, the deed was done.

As I said, I'd planned to sew beaded trim on, but when I saw the price I had a quick change of heart.  The circumference of this thing is about 6 metres.  Inspired by Molly's lovely scarf, I bought myself some hot pink bobble trim, and stayed up into the wee hours sewing it on.

Here's the finished result:

It will look much better with my other parasol base which was left in our shed by our previous owners, but I think Him Indoors was worried the kids would knock it over in the living room!

The pink union jack cushion covers were from Shelter charity shop at £2 each and the pink tray?  Well, another makeover.  It started out like this, £1 in the Sally Army shop.

It was alright, but a bit twee for me.  Besides I was almost literally dying to try out the homemade chalkboard paint from Lulastic's blog.  This post was like an epiphany.  It has changed my world.  You MUST try it.

Bye bye George, hello Gorgeous!

What this? This?  Oh that's just a sneaky preview of what's coming next on the blog. *cheeky wink*

Have you found anything second-hand ripe for a makeover, or perfect just as it is?  What do you think of my buys?

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  1. Check us out! We are like the Magpie Monday geeks we are so early! (Okay, really just me, you are allowed seeing as you are the host n all.)


    I LOVE this post. I love your bright brolly and table number. It is awesome, and the tray! And the cordial! Already the idea of rhubarb and elderflower is blowing my mind.

    We are making elderflower fizz right now. (Well, I am calling out the instructions to hub while I, er, blog and do important things like this.)

    Have an AMAZING holiday!

    I'm gonna be RTing the heck out of Magpie Monday, it's not gonna know what hit it


    1. Aww thanks Lucy. My fizz is 4 days in - no signs of bubble yet though :0(

      Will be bloggin the rhubarb nectar though very soon. x

  2. I'm all for a tray make-over! I'm not a lover of pink but I do like that shade!

    Jem xXx

  3. Your table and chairs look amazing, I bet it took forever!

    Great idea for the tray, the chalk board effect paint has always been a winner in our house hold. Especially when the children were small.

    X x

  4. You did a fantastic job of the tables and chairs, the hard work paid off. I adore the pink parasol and the bobbles look perfect. Your patience paid off big time.

  5. The chairs and table look fantastic and I am in love with that tray! Amazing! X

  6. Love the tables and chairs - you must have put an awful lot of hard work into those. x

  7. Wow that is really very impressive! And I love the idea of coloured blackboard paint.

  8. A fabulous transformation - and I love the bobbly braiding!

  9. Great colour with the tray - did not know you could get other colours (apart from black). And the pink parasol is cool too.

  10. What a beautiful rebirth of the table and chairs.

  11. Oh I totally appreciate all the work that went into your table and chairs. I've just sanded down my garden table - haven't been able to face the chairs yet...but seeing how you've transformed yours into beauties has inspired me! Love the bobble trim on the parasol.

  12. Woweee - how do you do it missie lizzie? I'm still making my way round one meter square with my bobbles :) Your makeover is wonderful. Sorry no MM from me this week, but loving all the linked posts xx

  13. I love all of your projects! Well done, it always feels soooo good to upcycle something doesnt it?
    Aqeela xx

  14. It's surprising what you can do with a tin of paint. Love everything you have done with your items especially the tray. I do like the before of the tray but the after is better. The shades of pinks on all your items are beautiful.

  15. Great finds! Your so inspirational. I have problems seeing what something could be!

  16. Delighted to join in the fun. I love the table and chairs! Really fabulous.

  17. I went straight over to my neighbour who recently retiled the bathroom and begged for a cup of tile grout! Post to follow!

  18. Happy to join in for the first time! I am excited about the homemade chalkboard paint!