Friday 16 September 2011

Slow Cooker Rice Pudding - A Warming Treat

I've tried various different recipes for cooking rice pudding in the slow cooker, but they don't all work as well.  There seems to be a lot of variables, which cause your pudding to cook differently - make of slow cooker, different brands of pudding rice and type of milk you use.

However, it's still a delicious, simple and low cost dessert to make, and well worth giving a go.  There's nothing like a hot bowl of creamy goodness on a chilly autumn day!

Here's the recipe I tend to follow as it works best, although I'm more of a bung-it-all-in-without-measuring kinda girl.

Large knob of unsalted butter
150 g Pudding Rice
50 g sugar (I tend to use a lot less than this because I don't like it too sweet, around 30g)
1.5 litres of milk (for creamier pudding, substitute some milk for cream)
Pinch of nutmeg (freshly grated is better)

  • Grease the inside of your crock pot generously with the butter.
  • Pour in the rice, sugar and milk.
  • Add a sprinkle of nutmeg to the top.
  • Switch on your slow cooker on high. the pudding usually takes around 2-3 hours to cook.

I tend to give it a good stir after about 10 minutes to make sure the rice and sugar doesn't stick to the bottom.  Then, keep an eye on it. If the rice is soaking up all the liquid, add more milk.  The pudding rice seems to consume whatever dairy product you throw at it like some hungry mythical beast, so you often end up with a massive potful.

This time I tried adding Total Greek 0% fat yoghurt instead of cream.  Whilst the feel wasn't quite as smooth and creamy in the mouth, it was still just as delicious and well worth doing if you want to reduce the calorie content!

Serve with a dollop of jam, fruit puree, syrup or just as is!  Tastes delicious cold too.

Why not try it this weekend?

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  1. Rice pudding is great, my wife makes ours in a casserole dish, I think she uses cream and a little milk, and we tend not to use too much sugar either, the kids prefer to stick a blob of our homemade jam in it.

    If we ever get a slow cooker we'll give your recipe a try, either way rice pudding is a great way to warm up when the weather is cold and wet.

  2. Thanks Techno-mole. Yes, it's a real winter-warmer. Great budget recipe too. One bag of pudding rice is about £1-1.50 and lasts ages. The rest you have in the fridge, so you can knock on up anytime!

  3. Sounds yummy, I was looking for a slow cooker rice pud recipe so will give this one a try and see what reaction I get from the kids - haven't given them homemade rice pudding before!

  4. Finally made this today, was yummy and as I'd guessed DS loved it but DD wasn't so keen - that's about normal! Don't know if it was my different style slow cooker but after 2 hours cooking the rice was cooked but hadn't soaked up all the liquid, I had to use a slotted spoon to serve it and had loads of yummy warm milk to drink (about 3 mugfulls!), maybe will try with less milk next time!

  5. Oh I wonder what happened? See what I mean though about trial and error. Different brands of rice seem to act so differently.

    Glad it was tasty in the end though! x

  6. Thanks so much for sending me the link to this fab-tastic recipe. I am planning to try it tomorrow now that it's suddenly turned into winter and I have an excuse for using cream over milk! x

  7. That recipe is straight out the Morphy Richards manual which came with your slow cooker, except you reduced sugar from 150g to 50g.

    I tried the recipe today for the first time, used the full 150g of sugar but used dark brown sugar instead.

    Not the best rice pudding but I'm so used to oven cooked delights which I've managed to get down to a T over the years but I think you may be right with level of sugar, needs reduced a bit.

    Nice to be able to just leave it and come back a few hours later and not worry about over flowing, burning etc.

  8. Hi Davie,

    Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog.

    As I clearly state, there are lots of different recipes, with slight variations on the amount of ingredients, time to cook etc. I have not 'copied' one particular recipe (or I would have credited it) but tinkered, changed things to suit myself and found an end result which works for me.

    At the end of the day, rice pudding is rice pudding! There's never going to be a huge amount of difference between recipes and I don't think anyone can claim to 'own' the recipe for themselves and have copyright of it.

    Oh, and for the record, my slow cooker was 2nd hand and I've never had a manual!

  9. Making this for a late supper. Cheers for a simple recipe, the packet wanted me to do stuff with eggs! (Don't do eggs). And this was the top search result for 'slow cooked rice pudding' btw

  10. So I just googled slow cooker rice pudding recipe and you came up on page 1! Go on with your bad self!

    Gonna make this tomorrow if it's as foul outside as it's been today. I bet it's right warming.

  11. Really? Can you make a rice pudding in the slow cooker? wow! really need another slow cooker now!
    thank you for linking up your recipe with my linky #FridayFoodie

  12. I tried this as I have the same slow cooker as you. Unfortunately the liquid was not absorbed by the rice (maybe a different brand of rice made the difference, that's the only thing I can think of) and the end result was a bit insipid. Perhaps this is just the effect of doing it on the slow cooker rather than the oven, and not using evaporated milk....?

    1. Oh how strange Beth. I've made this so many times and have never had that problem. Did you use pudding rice?

  13. This looks delicious, I will try it out. Thanks for the recipe.

  14. This sounds delicious, classip british pudding. Thanks for sharing.