Monday 7 March 2011

Make a Host of Golden Daffodils

This morning as we wandered to nursery, Ruby was is awe of the yellow carpet of daffodils that had opened up in the park.  Bending to smell them, she asked if she could pick some.

No, no I replied!  I still have shameful memories of being shouted at by an angry park warden when I did a similar thing myself as a child.  She was most upset, because even though I have a huge bunch in a vase on the mantelpiece, she wanted her own.

Doing a quick mental recce of what I have in the recycling bin and the craft cupboard, I said "don't worry, well make some this afternoon!"

She went off to nursery happy, and I went home and got the scissors out.  I know this isn't exactly an original craft - I remember making similar myself for Mother's Day or some such, but isn't that the joy of crafting with kids - doing the same things you used to do.

You will need:

An egg box (helpfully ours was yellow!)
Some card (we were lazy and used yellow, but you could use white or recycled cereal boxes etc and paint it)
Dried lentils (yes, you read that right)
Some pea sticks or twigs

1. Cut the base of the egg box into it's 6 divided sections.  Easier said than done to do it neatly, but you are going to make 'star points' so don't worry too much.  Once each egg holder is separate, cut it to make the 'trumpet' section of the flower.

On our walk through the park, we counted how many petals a daffodil has - it has 6 outer petals. So cut out 6 petal shapes for each flower from the card.

2.  Arrange the petals into a flower shape.  Spread glue on the bottom of the egg box piece and push down firmly to glue all the petals in place.

3.  Paste more glue into the well inside the egg box piece. 

4. Sprinkle the lentils inside.  You could used screwed up tissue paper instead, but Ruby particularly likes the sprinkling element to this craft!  The orange lentils make great 'pollen'.  Shake off excess.

5. Allow to dry.  While they were drying we went into the garden in search of sticks.

6. Tape each flower head to a stick, and arrange in a vase.

Stand back and admire! I think I actually prefer this bunch, as my real ones have a vaguely cat's pee smell about them!


  1. Aaaah I like! Like how cut a little pattern too and used yellow egg boxes! Fab!

  2. I love these, they look wonderful! Oh how I wish my boys were little again, I will just have to admire yours cos sadly all my boys are into now they are older are wrestling, xbox games and pokemon ect.... I used to really enjoy the days when we could do crafty things together.

  3. yes, I'm saving the Happy Egg eggboxes too. I make these into Mother's Day cards every year at playgroup but I like your 'bouquet'

  4. oh they are lovely, i like the fact you used lentils too. I am hoping P will make me some for the kitchen but she is that age where you dont get to pick the craft. please feel free to add this to our linkup which hits our blog every monday.

  5. They are fab! Am going to make some when my real daffs have had it. What a lovely post?! Thanks

  6. Cute! I featured them on my Celebrations and Holidays blog!

  7. What a great craft! Makes you smile!


  8. ooh lentils I never know what to do with them as no one eats them in our house! Great idea

  9. I remember making these at school as a child - they are fantastic

  10. Imagine if you still had them !!